• Nightly Roundup #768

    Heard someone suggest Screwball last night and I just happened to find this bittersweet picture of her tonight for the occasion. Hope she gets her dream one day.

    Time for the news guys! Check it after the break.

    Tonight's Stories

    Something Epic for Tonight

    This lovely piece was the center piece of the art gallery at BUCK and now it can be yours according to BUCK officials!

    For BUCK 2013, we had a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic oil painting commissioned, which stood as the centrepiece of our art gallery, in our main foyer.

    This is a beautiful 3' x 4' oil painting in a proper gilt frame, by an artist who has produced designs for the British Royal Family; collectible potteries like Wedgwood and Spode; as well as the Sheikhs of Arabia, and many of the luxury hotels across the middle east.

    The artwork has been created as a personal favour, and has taken nearly 9 months to produce. It is called "Equestria at War" by John Eastley.

    We are now looking to sell the painting to anyone who may be interested in this unique piece. We can courier it to any worldwide location (prices on request - this is a heavy piece); and the purchaser may have it mounted or unmounted (i.e. the frame removed, to save on weight).

    Offers should start around £2,000 GBP unmounted; or £2,500 GBP mounted. You will not see a painting like this again; and its estimated cost to purchase from a professional gallery would be well in excess of £15,000 to £20,000 GBP.

    Attached are two pictures, one showing the full frame, and another hi-resolution picture, showing the detail.

    Furthermore, the artist has agreed that once purchased he is willing to amend the ponies on the artwork, so if the purchaser wished to include specific OCs, then that would be included in the price.

    Please note that there will be a delay of roughly 10-12 weeks before shipping as the canvas is prepared for transport.

    I hope that we can find someone who will appreciate this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    If people are interested, they can contact me directly at [email protected]

    Really Cool MMD PMV - Win The Crown

    Love the creativity with this one!

    Brony Live Wallpaper for Android Updated

    Been wanting to update the wallpaper on your Android? Look no further!

    I have updated the Live Wallpaper, it now includes ALL the ponies that are available in Desktop Ponies, instead of just the mane6.

    You can turn individual ponies On or Off.

    You can also easily add new Ponies when they become available,
    without needing to update the application.
    I guess that will come in handy if season 4 will include some new ponies.
    Just paste the new pony in: /sdcard/Ponies/

    Application on Google Play: (download)

    Sourcecode: (open source)

    Screenshot can be found here:

    Blind Bag Guide Updated

    Not only has the wallpaper app been updated, but the blind bag guide for Androids has been updated as well. Rejoice!

    I have updated the Brony MLP Blind Bag Guide app for Android.

    It is now possible to mark your progress, using checkboxes.
    Just the check the ponies that you have to fill the progressbar.

    We (Fluffikens and me) have made sure that when a new Wave (9) arrives we can quickly add it to the app.

    Google Play: (download)

    Source code: (open source)


    After a Long Day

    This fits in perfectly with our AJ Appreciation Day event we have going on. Plus, it has been a long day, at least for me, so napping seems like a good idea.

    New Pony Header for Stores?

    Someone visiting a local Wal-Mart saw that the header around the MLP aisle has been changed to this new format. What do you guys think of it? Looks pretty cool to me.

    MLP Text Game Makes Progress

    After a few posts here on the Roundup awhile back, the MLP Text Game project has made some cool progress they would like to share with you all tonight! The above gif is a demonstration of some of the things they have come up with, but a detailed explanation can be found at the link below.

    Best of luck to them as they constantly improve on this text adventure!

    Check out the full story here!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Japan Pony Con Report

    Japan Pony Con 2013

    On Sunday, September 15, 92 bronies (including 2 from Czech) gathered up
    at Asakusabashi, Tokyo despite the approaching large typhoon, enjoyed
    the first-ever Japanese MLP fan convention.
    The rain clouds were cleared up during most of the afternoon, perhaps
    thanks to "Poniko/Princess Rising sun", the con mascot earth pony who
    transforms into an alicorn princess by the magical Tiara of the Sun,
    whose name was announced at the con.
    The con opened with American MLP voice actors' messages to Japanese
    fans, which were recorded at Fiesta Equestria back in June.
    We had great time participating activities like singing together the fan
    translated Japanese version of "Winter Wrap Up" and MLP Trivia Quiz
    We also ran polls about "Best Pony" on 2 categories, one is among Mane
    6, other is among every MLP characters, and Applejack won the both polls!

    Mane6 Poll Results:

    1. Applejack 21 votes
    2. Twilight Sparkle 18 votes
    3. Fluttershy 13 votes
    4. Rarity 9 votes
    5. Pinkie Pie 7 votes
    6. Rainbow dash 6 votes

    All characters Poll Results:

    1. Applejack 7 votes
    1. Luna (tie) 7 votes
    3. Lyra 6 votes
    4. Applebloom 5 votes
    5. Twilight Sparkle 3 votes
    5. Rarity (tie) 3 votes
    5. Fleur de Lis (tie) 3 votes
    5. Princess Celestia (tie) 3 votes

    At the closing ceremony it was announced that the second Japan Pony Con
    will be held on January 5, 2014 at Kawasaki City.
    (start planning your trips!)

    Florida Meetup

    Orlando, Florida Bowling Meetup

    The Central Florida Bronies had a long acronym title bowling meetup take two of ~25 guests at Boardwalk Bowl in Orlando on September 16, 2013. It was followed by Steak n' Shake again because Denny's had closed for the night.

    Thanks to everypony that came.

    Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/centralfloridabronies/

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Croatia Meetup

    Croatian Japanese pop culture community is organizing PandaKon 2013 convention on 27th of October in Močvara club in Zagreb.
    Lot of bronies will be there as well.
    This event is basically, informing people in Croatia Bronies about PandaKon 2013, and calling all people that are interested to come. There will be bronies, but this time, we won't be in main focus, but we can still have non pony fun together and maybe meet some new friends (and maybe even more bronies)

    Meeting time for us can be one hour before the con, which would be 11am in front of Močvara club.

    Entrance to the con is free.
    more info about the con here:
    and here:

    Croatia Bronies event:
    Croatia Bronies group:

    Animation Project Looking for Help

    My friends and I have been wanting to make an MLP series for a very long time. I have ideas for episodes, OCs have voice actors and concept art, some jokes are already written for the show, and other things are done. But, none of us have flash. I've used the trial, and I cant figure anything out. So, as you have probably figures out by now, we need animators. You will be given credit for your. This IS NONPROFIT, it is only for fun.

    If you want to be an animator, contact me at

    [email protected]

    Get more information here!

    Pony Fan Needs Some Encouragement After Injury

    I recently heard the tale of a pony fan injured in a fire accident that left him with burns on his body. If you can, send him some words of encouragement at [email protected] Below is the message and image I received.

    Fellow Bronies, this matter has come to my attention and it is very important that you all must hear. A friend of mine has suffered second degree burns and is in the hospital because of it. He sent a message explaining what had occurred. It reads the following:

    "My family had a bunch of boxes in a fireplace down near our old camper and my mom wanted me to burn them sinse we have more boxes, I went down there with a lighter and my iPod, when I was getting near the burn pit I was about to see if we had any fire starters, and my friend dosed gasoline on there when I wasn't looking, when I got out of the garage I noticed the wood was wet but the boxes weren't, I had a stuffed nose at the time so I couldn't smell anything, when I set it it erupted, burning my kneecaps, arm and my face."

    I ask of you all.... if there is anything you guys can do to help my friend out, I'd be eternity grateful.


    Rave Blitz

    Get more information here!

    FOE Project Looking for VAs

    Hi this is the director for the new animated movie called Fallout Equestria and I,am looking for female voice actors.
    PS. Try outs are happening on October 14th up to October 28th.

    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    September 16, 2011-2012

    2011 - A season 1 interview with Lauren Faust, the top ten pony vids of August, Facebook MLP teasers continue, and an Equestria Online demo are highlights of today.

    2012 - Gravity Falls intro is ponified and EqD opens a Minecraft server.