• Convention Compilation - September 28th

    I don't know who these two are, but I like em! Conventions are filled with OC ponies, so get some headlines below in celebration:

    Canterlot Gardens indiegogo campaign is live!
    Everfree Northwest - Everfree Northwest - Elements of Melody: Everfree's Eternal Night
    Trottawa 2013 Registration Announcement
    Midwest Brony Fest Announcement

    And fine the full press releases below the break!

    Canterlot Gardens indiegogo campaign is live!

    During our first year in 2012, Canterlot Gardens held panels, concerts, and various other events for our 2,000+ attendees. Our special guests included the party loving pop star Andrew W.K, Tara Strong, the beloved new voice of Harley Quinn, and John DiMaggio, the infamous voice of Futurama's Bender.

    With your help, and the help of indiegogo, we would like to make Canterlot Gardens bigger and better than ever for 2014. If we can pull together and raise our goal of $16,000 by November 19, we’ll have the funding we need to secure a larger venue, bring in new guests, and create new and exciting events.

    We also have a very special perk for you gamers out there! For the first time ever, Legends of Equestria, a major pony MMO currently in development, is offering the general public the chance to have an NPC of their design to be put in the game. Working one-on-one with the Legends of Equestria team, you’ll have the opportunity to design one pegasus, unicorn, or earth pony NPC as well as write its dialogue for the game. You’ll also be credited for your creation!

    As of right now, we have raised exactly $1,345 from this campaign alone, and have already sold out on one of our special artist alley perks!

    Canterlot Gardens 2012 was one of the most successful My Little Pony conventions to date. With over 20 voice actors in attendance, as well as a dozen musicians, and some of the most popular indie game developers in the fandom, we gave our attendees an unforgettable experience that people haven’t stopped talking about since. If this fund succeeds, you will get all the panels, concerts, games, videos, along with the many other events that made Canterlot Gardens fantastic, and more. Help us make this incredible convention happen again in 2014!

    Our indiegogo campaign can be found here, along with our complete list of perks, and our video gallery from our first year's event.

    Everfree Northwest - Everfree Northwest - Elements of Melody: Everfree's Eternal Night Press Announcement

    Everfree Northwest is pleased to announce the second installment of our Pony Music Concerts! Elements of Melody: Everfree’s Eternal Night will be rocking The Vera Project in Seattle on October 19, 2013. We have booked SEVEN musically diverse and entertaining acts to perform, including:

    The Overpones, Bloo, Maestro Scherzo and Bright Side, Tarby, Donn DeVore and the Cutie Marks, DJ Victor Malice, and DJ Everfree.

    Doors open at 7 PM, and tickets are available at http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/performanceSearch.jsp?performance_id=1753246. Cost is $9 advance or $11 at the door and all proceeds go to support Everfree Northwest’s 2014 summer convention.

    If the words “Pony Music Concert” didn’t get you excited, then maybe you need some visual/aural encouragement. Here are the videos of our last event, Elements of Melody: Music of Everfree held in April 2013.


    This is a Nightmare Night themed event, so we are encouraging everypony to dress up in costume! We can’t wait to see the Vera Project filled with ponies singing, dancing, and sharing the magic of friendship through music!

    RSVP and follow any updates at www.facebook.com/events/599647436724639/

    Trottawa 2013 Registration Announcement

    Big news for all of the Ottawa bronies! With great pleasure we would like to announce Trottawa 2013! The first pony convention in Ottawa, Trottawa will be held this year at N2U in the Travelodge Hotel and Conference Center on Sunday November 3rd from 1am till 4pm. With a number of events, such as our pony rave, main hall sleepover, panels featuring guests from the fandom, and many more events.

    “Now what is N2U?” you may ask. Well N2U is Ottawa’s longest running anime and gaming convention, boasting a whole host of events and activities this year. Like: an AMV contest, dealers’ and artists’ rooms, saturday dance night and more!

    Registration for Trottawa is currently open with 290 tickets available for purchase. Each ticket will get you access to the Trottawa convention for the time it is running and also access to N2U for that Sunday. For more details about Trottawa and how to register you can visit our website here.

    It is sure to be a blast at this year’s Trottawa so we hope to see you there! And as always you can keep up to date on the current news and events of Trottawa by following us on our facebook and twitter!

    Midwest Brony Fest Announcement

    Good news fillies and gentlecolts:

    Mark your calendars now, as in right now! Friday, May 23rd, through Sunday, May 25th, 2014 are the dates that you now have plans for.

    What are those plans?

    Attending Midwest Bronyfest Kansas City! That’s right, we are back for another weekend of fun!

    Pre-registration will run you an ultra-low $25. But hurry, this low price is only good this year. The first 100 early birds to register can get $5 off by using the code ‘EARLYBIRD’ at checkout. That means you can a whole weekend of fun for just $20. How do you like them apples?

    Speaking of fancy apples; this year we have moved to the Marriott on Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri; a luxurious space just south of downtown Kansas City. We are currently working with the hotel to secure a convention rate. We hope to have that available within the next week.

    Please take note that this year we are a 3-day event. However to get in on Friday for the vendor preview and reception, you must pre-register for the convention.

    We look forward to seeing everyone this spring. Keep Calm on Pony On!