• More Twilacorn Official Comic Clarification

    Look at poor Twilight up there.  She didn't expect that giant 500 comment storm that was spawned yesterday.  You guys are so harsh sometimes.  Poor pony.

    Bobby Curnow has clarified things a bit in regards to Twilight's wing addition in the comic starting at #13.  Some of the interesting points to take away from his forum post:
    • An earlier note pointed out that they would wait to see how she acts in season 4 before giving her wings in the comics. They have access to the scripts, and have come to the conclusion that shes still the same Twilight, and treated the same way, just with wings. 
    • The dynamic of the characters is still the same.  Twilight doesn't get special treatment as an alicorn princess in comparison to her friends.  They remain as equal as they always have been.
    • The quality of the book will remain the same as it always has, (or improve if the recent arcs are any indication, these things just keep getting better.) 
     You can read the entire thing over here.  Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!