• Random Merch: Hats, Playsets, And More!

    We Love Fine has a new Derpy hat for those that can't get enough of the mailmare. It looks like that one is clocking in at 22 dollars even.

    The second item up there is called a "Tin-Tastic Activity Set", which includes stickers, the collector tin, two pencils, and those erasers you see in the image.  Found over here, as well as here.  Thanks to Ally for those, pre-orders are for September.

    We have loads more stuff below the break as always! Go check it out!

    Crystal Palace Playset Pops Up

    Found in Toledo, Ohio for those that collect these, at a Toys R' Us. I'm sure they are everywhere though.

    Thanks to Andrew for the heads up.

    Tin Bandaid Box

    Not to be confused with the paper ones we have posted in the past.  Tin makes it collectable! Found at Walmart in Wisconsin by Treble Bolt


    Found at a store called "The Entertainer" by Dead-Pon3

    Stationary Set

    Found at Walmart by Micheal

    Hot Topic Stuff

    And finally, lets end with a bit of Hot Topic stuff, because they love pumping this stuff out! If you see more random merch, hit that shiny submit button up at the top!
    Spike Earrings found over here!

    Scratch Headphones here!