• Jayson Thiessen Appreciation Event Finale

    Calpain is off doing Bronycon stuff, so I'm here covering for the Jayson Thiessen appreciation post! On top of the art submissions from pretty much every single demographic in the fandom (we even got quite a few sub-12 year old kids who wanted to toss their thanks into the mix!), feel free to give him some love in the comments, or over at his Twitter Account.  The guy has been here truckin away at pony since the beginning.  That deserves a round of applause!

    Now go hit those comments up, and you can find the art below as well.

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    Thank you Jayson!

    [2] Source
    Jayson Thiessen Appreciation Day! (colour)

    [3] Source
    Jayson Thiessen

    [4] Source
    The Jayson Show

    [5] Source
    For Jayson

    [6] Source
    For Jayson

    [7] Source
    Thank You, Jayson Thiessen!

    [8] Source
    Jayson Thiessan and Commander Sparkle's Discourse

    [9] Source
    Jayson Thiessen

    [10] Source
    For Jayson

    [11] Source
    For Jayson Thiessen ^_^

    [12] Source
    For Jayson

    [13] Source
    Jason Thiessen appreciation

    [14] Source - SageEarth

    [15] Source - Johann

    [16] Source - Indiebrony

    [17] Source - Eliseo

    [18] Source - Aztec90


    [19] Source - Mandie