• Discussion: Pony Genetic Engineering - Build a Pony!

    SCIENCE!  New breakthroughs are happening all the time around the world!  Unfortunately that pesky ethics thing is getting in the way again, and Hasbro's super secret (hypothetical) underground science division has been stifled for the past two years.  Fear not though! A management change has unlocked countless new opportunities, and you have been hired on for the new "Create real life ponies" project!

    Starting with human intelligence as a base (they collected a bunch of preserved brains, so don't worry about that aspect), you need to pick up to five other animals/forms of life here on earth to mash together to create the closest thing possible to a candy colored Equine from Equestria.  Be sure to be specific! If you want a pegasus, it better have something with feathers!

    Now go! Science waits for no one, and already I have wasted too much precious time explaining the requirements!