• Massive Random Merch: Walkie Talkie, Binder, and Loads of Claire's Merch

    Time for more of that random merch stuff! We start off with another card binder from Enterplay. Stores from all over the USA have this thing if the amount of submissions we got for it are any indication.

    Onward to a massive random merch post.  It seems like a trend now days to straight up create a pony section in your store.

    Binder Expanded 

    The internal checklist and a view of the sleeves here. 

    Thanks to Jack for the header images, and Ashley for these! We got pictures of this thing from loads of people, so thanks to everyone else for sending it too!

    Fake Nails and Nail Sticker/Polish Set

    The Submitter (Bebs) actually gave us a full little blurb explaining these in detail! Have that:

    It looks like they come on a pre-packed cardboard display with a variety of other licensed themes. There were only 3 of each package. The nail polishes are metallic purple and metallic pink, and the tiny stickers are cute stock images, but Spike stands in for Rarity, so you only get 5 of the mane 6 (fair enough for 5 fingers, I guess). The fake fingernails are weird. That Pinkie Pie on the front is a nail file, but the set is all Fluttershy. It comes with exactly 10 nails, so there's no room for variation if they don't fit your fingers. I paid $1.50 each, so not much investment there!


    Found at Ali Xpress by Richard.

    More Stuff from FYE

    Thanks to Ashley for these.  Found at an FYE in Smith Haven Mall

    "Rainbow Game" 

    This one was found by FluttershyElsa, with a direct translation being "rainbow Game".  I'm surprised Lyra took the place of one of the mane ponies on that one. Maybe it's a sign? New MANE 6 in s4?!

    (Don't take that seriously!)

    Pinkie Pie Walkie Talkies

    Thanks to Maggie for the image!

    Old Navy Clothes

    Loads of shirts at Old Navy.  A couple of repeats in here, but mainly new stuff.  Thanks to Lavender fro the images.

    Loads of Merch at Claire's

    A few of these are repeats, but a good amount is new. We end this post with loads of merchandise from the retail store "Claire's". These in particular were found at one in Brooklyn, NY.

    Thanks to Jamie for the pictures! 

    And one final image from Alyssa