• Equestria Girls DVD Orders Dominate, More Pony DVD's on the Way

    It sounds like Retailers are having a ball with the Equestria Girls DVD that released a few days ago according to a direct quote from Shout Factory's COO Bob Emmer:   
    Emmer said retail orders for Equestria Girls exceeded 100,000 units, more than any title in the 10-year history of Shout! The 72-minute film had its world premiere in June at the Los Angeles Film Festival and then played in theaters.
    This has spurred Hasbro and Shout to tie the knot on more deals, including five "My Little Pony animated family adventures" (which appear to be the oldschool pony movies). 

    Now we just need a pony pony movie! If Equestria Girls did this well, can you imagine how popular an actual equine focused movie would be?  Get on it Hasbro!

    Thanks to Masem for the heads up!