• Air Force Pony Badge Detailed Around the Internet

    Way back on July 5th, an air force patch for Vance Airforce Base popped up in the Nightly Roundup, but lacked any real meaty information.  Since then, it has literally invaded the internet.  Multiple main-stream news sites have posted about it, and the guys at the airforce base have received a stream of questions from them.  One excellent quote from Wired
    “Honestly, the patch is the last thing on the student pilots’ minds,” Barger said. “They are focused on the rigors of their fast-paced and world-class pilot training … Our allied partners send their student pilots here to train because the United States Air Force is known for its air superiority around the globe, and now perhaps, in the land of Equestria. Perhaps the Wonderbolts will start sporting a U.S. Air Force patch of their own.”
     Anyway, have a list of articles.  I'm sure this isn't all of them, but it's a good chunk.

    Daily Dot
    Military Times
    Topless Robot

    Thanks to everyone that sent the links in!