• Nightly Roundup #703

    Nothing is safe from ponification!

    I'm trying out the new template thing Cereal made tonight after fixin a derp on my end.  Calpain will be out for a few days at Everfree Northwest.  Lets see how it goes!

    Tonight's Stories

    Indie Pulse Equestria Girls Review

    Another review of Equestria Girls has popped up, this time from Indie Pulse. Go check it out below!

    Check out the review here!

    Vance AFB Pony Badge

    Apparently this is an actual thing! Someone reported seeing an entire class of them wearing it.

    Check out the main page here!

    Cnet Posts Applejack

    A recent video from Cnet had a little bit of Applejack added at 5:00 in the video below. Seems like no site is safe from the pony armada.

    Check out the video here!

    Animal Crossing Items Via QR Codes

    Someone has created a bunch of pony style clothing for Animal Crossing. Just use the QR Codes to pick them up!

    Check them all out here!

    Taco Belle

    Why not!

    Source here!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival Meetup

    The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is held every year on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, and it is meant to celebrate the great poet Qu Yuan. But this year the Taiwan Bronies got together to celebrate ponies and the magic of friendship instead. They took part in pony games and watched pony episodes while eating traditional foods like zongzi, sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. It was a great time and everypony had a lot of fun.

    Svenska Meetup

    We had a small meetup at my place where we among other things watched Equestria Girls and enjoyed YouTube. We're eating tacos in the picture.

    Meetup took place in Kumla, Sweden. Look up "Svenska Bronies" on Facebook to find other bronies in your area. :)

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    The Last Stand of King Sombra Livereading

    This is a slightly animated radio play of Blueshift's story, The Last Stand of King Sombra.

    Check it out here!

    Otaku Asceded Watch Episode 7

    This time, the guys tackle "Wonderbolt Academy."

    Check it out here!

    Voice of Equestria podcast ep.34

    Welcome, listeners, to another episode of Voice of Equestria! Some comic news, convention news, a tiny bit of discussion re. Equestria Girls, and a very special returning guest: Xyro!
    Come check it out!

    (P.S.: We've got a special non-pony outro this week. In honor of the episode nominally being released on the 4th of July, the outro is "This America" by indie piano-rock musician Matthew Ebel.)

    Check it out here!

    Tonight's Merchandise