• Random Merch - Decals, Blankets, Hats, and More!

    A whole bunch of you sent these in, so I'm assuming they are a big deal.  Fathead has released pony decals, though they are using the default vectors we have seen a million times over the years.  At least you can deck your stuff out in higher quality stickers!  I think most noted their location as Wal-Mart, so check there first if you want some.   Thanks to Bingk for these particular images. 

    Onward to random merch. 

    MLP Fatheads 

    Another blanket design, this time from FYE for 22.99.  Thanks to Natalie for the image.

    More New Socks

    Wear them yourself, or deck your pony plushies out with them.  There are enough releasing lately.  Found at Journeys

    1000 Count Sticker Box

    Found at Walmart in Maryland this time around.  Thanks to Delc17 for the image.

    Rainbow Dash Hat

    Found at Walmart in Canada by Rya.

    Nail Supply Stuff

    Usually you guys send me massive  7mb images that take forever to load in Gmail, but this one is a whopping 16kb! If the image is too hard to see, we have both nail polish and fake nails with finger tattooes from Dollar General in Wisconsin.  Thanks to someone without a name for the heads up!