• Review: 4DE Twilight Sparkle Plushie - More Please!

    After a bit of a delay (and an eventual shipping price drop for those ordering more than one) , 4DE has finally started shipping the Twilight Sparkles to their respective owners over the last few days, me included!  So, what is the final verdict on these you ask? How does she hold up against one of those high quality fandom comissioned plushies?  Head on down below the break for the full review!

    I might gush a little here, so apologies for that.  I've wanted show accurate plushies that don't cost a fortune ever since they started popping up on Ebay for hundreds of dollars.  In fact, you might notice a striking similarity in design to some of the earlier plushie compilations here on the site.  After a bit of digging (and without naming names), we can safely say that the designer behind the 4DE line was actually a part of those expensive ebay auctioned ones before they were absorbed into being made for all of us.  And while these are now being mass produced, they still bear a similar level of quality to the handmade stuff. 

    I'm starting with the technical details here, and something I really like about this plush compared to the others.  As many of you have probably noticed, traditionally, pony toys only have cutie marks on one side.  This was not the case for ponies in the actual show.  4DE is (I think) the first company to actually pick up on that, and we get double marks because of it.

    Also note that the horn actually pokes out through the mane as opposed to simply going around it.  I thought that was a neat little addition.  

    And speaking of marks, they didn't slack at all on the details here.  Everything from the star count to the little white inner twinkles are embroidered on there.

    Movin on down the flank (shapely!) to the tail.  I needed to show the full pony to explain this one.  Similiar to the Funko figures, the tail on this Twilight is huge.  It actually has to curl to the side a bit to fit!  I for one am more than happy with that.  It's a solid chunk of pony plush, and a welcome reprieve after watching people buy spaghetti hair at Walmart for so long.  Seriously, save 10 bucks and get one of these instead! Fluttershy is right around the corner.

    I'm not sure how many of you freak out over tags, but I figured I'd mention it.  In usual collector fashion, the description is pretty broad for Twilight.   Yay descriptions! Moving on now.

    And a quick view from the bottom for those curious, as well as the logo.

    That about covers it for the toy itself.  

    Final verdict? 10/10 would definitely hug.  For something that costs only $25, this plushie is straight up amazing.  The tiny details throughout really set it apart in quality level.  If someone were to go back in time with one of these and sell it on ebay, I think a lot of people would be fooled into not realizing its mass produced. 

    I can only assume that if we support these, we will get side/background ponies as well later on down the line. 4DE is a smaller company, so any kind of support we can give them (especially buying from the site instead of a 3rd party) would keep these things rolling out. As I mentioned earlier on, save the extra 10 dollars and buy one of these instead of the Walmart/Target ones.  Spaghetti manes just can't compete. 

    You can get Twilight here, and pre-order the upcoming Pinkie Pie over here.  Hot Topic will also be carrying the smaller ones revealed at Comic Con later on in the year.  

    You and me, a magic duel!
    Dawwww, Trixie finally has a fellow unicorn to brag at.  How cute.  She fits right in too!

    I'm actually pretty surprised.  Outside of the size/snout difference and the hand stitching bonuses on Trixie, these things fit perfectly together.

    Update: (Link to wallpaper since people keep thinking its saucy in comments!)
    Obligatory last second friendshipping  from my room!

    Update: Funny little thing from the comments on someone elses shipment.  Apparently 4DE hugs on request.

    (Inb4 a flood of hug requests!)