• Super Secret Discussion Post!

    Today's discussion is so super secret that even we don't know what it's about! In all seriousness though it's because today's discussion involves some slightly spoilery stuff from the season 4 animatic and for those of you who want to be completely out of the loop we don't want to spoil anything for you! Meghan McCarthy has recently mentioned some possible names for some season 4 characters which we will discuss after the break!

    Last warning! Don't go beyond the break if you don't want spoilers!

    All right, now that that business is done on to the discussion! As those of you have watched the animatic know it looks like we are going to be having a super hero episode sometime this coming season and Meghan has been dropping some hints as to our pony's super hero names:

    This obviously begs the question, 'What would the names of our super fillies be?' and this is where you come in my friends! Leave down in the comments the super hero names of not only our main six you would use, but for Spike as well of course. Can't forget our scaly friend!