• Mystery DVD - A Very Minty Christmas G4 Version? (UPDATED)

    A new Friendship is Magic mystery DVD has popped up over on Amazon sharing the same title as the old 2005 pony movie "A Very Minty Christmas". Outside of the listing of 66 minutes that matches the oldschool one,  all of the other information is current generation pony.  Jayson Thiessen is directing, with Shout Factory releasing and a October 2013 release date.

    All signs point to this being a re-release in G4 style, but there is a high chance that this is yet another Amazon placeholder.  Titles have been swapped around in the past for pony DVD's (namely Equestria Girls simply being called "MLP: Twilight Sparkle". 

    I guess only time will tell.  Until then, you can find the page for it over here.

    Thanks to Senn555 for the heads up! 

    (Update: A Shout factory tweet reveals that they have no clue what this is as of right now.  Guess we can put Minty back to rest!)