• Story Updates - June 20th

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    Story: Transcendence (Update Part 16!)


    Author: Corejo
    Description: When Scootaloo moves to Ponyville, she meets a certain cyan pegasus who becomes her idol. Things go well until a pivotal event causes her hopes and dreams to come crashing down around her. Broken and betrayed, Scootaloo must learn to accept her reality and embrace her inner strength with the help of her father and two best friends.
    Transcendence  (New Part 16!)

    Story: Hands (New Part 2!)

    [Comedy][Random] A self insert that made it past the pre-readers!? That just doesn't happen!

    Author: Andrew Joshua Talon
    Description: A slightly more realistic take on the "Human in Equestria" story concept.
    Hands (New Part 2!) 

    Story: Birthday Wishes (New Part 5!)


    Author: ShootingStar159
    Description: Scootaloo has a great life. Her mother and father love her, and she adores them in return. She does well in school, even if some of the kids are jerks. Sure, she doesn't really have any friends, but she doesn't mind too much. She has almost everything she could wish for. And with her eighth birthday coming soon, who knows, maybe things will only get better from here. After all, everypony knows if you make a wish on your birthday then it comes true, right?
    Birthday Wishes (New Part 5!) 

    Story: Disgraced (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Equ-us
    Description: After it is discovered that Rainbow Dash cheated her way into the Wonderbolts, her life is shattered. Rejected and ashamed, she returns home to her friends, where Pinkie Pie is left to pick up the pieces.
    Disgraced (New Part 2!)