• Target Trading Card Fat Packs at Target

    As many of you have pointed out, new trading card fat packs have been melding in with the usual stock of pony cards.  I sent an email over to Enterplay to find out exactly what the deal was with these.  Apparently they are Target exclusives, and limited to select stores at that.   Each one includes:
    • A large foil sticker, seen on the front of the box if you want to collect them all
    • 9 character/pet/moment of friendship cards
    • 2 foils
    • 2 tattoo sheets
    • 1 sweepstakes card for a chance to win more cards
    As the original submitter, Richard points out, that is four packs worth, plus the bonus collectable sticker (images above).   If they do well at Target, there is a good chance we will see them at other retailers in the future.