• Music of the Day #104

    The MUSIC OF CHAMPIONS.  It's Music of the Day time.  We have 12 tracks in this one covering just about everything.  Find them all below.

    And the usual: Please include genres! The majority of these didn't include them!

    [1] Source
    Pixeltripper - Chrysalisian Path

    [2] Source
    Zephysonas' Theme

    [3] Source
    [EDIT I] "The Sounds of Winter" - A Chorale for Snowdrop

    [4] Source
    Vocal - Acoustic

    [5] Source
    [MLP/Homestuck] The Gypsy Bard (parody)【Ashe】
    Remix - Crossover

    [6] Source
    Cutie Mark Crusaders TIME

    [7] Source
    Good Morning Equestria - Vovabs

    [8] Source
    Twilight Sparkle - I've Got to Find a Way (Farcko Remix) [Free DL]

    [9] Source
    Light Veins - Apple Swing (Electro-Swing)
    Instrumental - Electro-Swing

    [10] Source
    The Olden Pony ( GatoPaint Remix )

    [11] Source
    Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo (FamiTracker Cover)

    [12] Source
    Vinyl.rawr - Awake To See The Night
    Instrumental - Drumstep