• Yahoo Parenting - Ponies Included in List of "Sexualized Kids Toys"

    Yes, you read that title correctly, and no, it's not due to the adult fanbase this time.  An article that went up over on Yahoo Parenting listed six "newly sexualized kid's toys", revamped from the 80's.  Included in the list, we have notables like Barbie, G.I. Joe, that random queen from Candy Land, and... pink Celestia?   Have a quote straight out of the editorial:
    The first generation of My Pretty Ponies were plump and rather staid...
    Not so in 2013. This sleek and sexy pony looks primed to prance around the stripper pole at the nearest jockey club.
    Maybe it's the eyelashes? Celestia has some pretty bangin' eyelashes.  Yep...

    Anyway, you can find the full article here!

    And thanks to Alfredo for the heads up!