• Lauren Faust Answers a Bunch of Questions (Update- More Added!)

    Lauren Faust hopped on 4chan's /mlp/ board for a a bit of question answering after Equestria Girls doll prototype reveal from earlier. Everything from Galaxy Girls to general pony stuff was asked.  It was brief due to how difficult it was for her to keep up in the flood of messages, but I think a lot of you will enjoy some of the answers.  Hit them all up below the break!

    (Update - More questions added, find them at the bottom!)

    Q: How have the characters deviated from your original vision? More specifically, since you left?

    A: The characters evolved a bit from the original bible descriptions--- but that happens on all shows. Writers, board artist, voice actors help define the characters further and you go with the flow. Some personalities might have been a bit more exaggeratted--- I wanted RD to have an irresponsible streak, and I wanted Rarity to have a more "don't touch my stuff" relationship with Sweetie Belle. More so than is in there, but I was not unhappy with where they ended up. I haven't seen the recent episodes, so I can't judge any changes made

    Q: Hows Craig been doin

    A: Great! Having fun on the new show.

    Q:  How would you have ended S3?

    A: I would have used it to lay groundwork for my plans for the characters' ultimate destinies and the series finale

    Q:  How goes the work with Mane6?

    A: Good, but slow (because of me and stupid schedule.) Hopefully, we should have some stuff to share in a few weeks.

    Q: Can you explain how Galaxy Girls would have worked? Because that cast looked way too big to really work well for television.

    A: Galaxy Girls was designed to be a doll line. I actually never wanted it to be a show, but the folks who make toys want shows before the invest. Despite the surprising success of MLP, most companies still want the same old garbage for girls because that's what they think make money (and they don't want to spend much to make it). If I have to make it a show, I'm not going to make it until I can make it good--- so it may not get made.

    Additional question to above: 

    Q: What would the show (Galaxy Girls) be like, if it ever gets made?
    Epic adventures in space, or slice of life comedy, or something different?

    A: Thematically, I was planning on making it a lot like MLP--- slice of life + fun adventure--- just in a fantasy, story-book version of space. But I put a lot of those ideas and themes and characterizations in MLP. If I move forward with it at this point, I would like to completely redesign the characters. I kind of hate the way they look right now. I drew that stuff almost 10 years ago.

    Q:  I too, wish to know what Lauren Faust thinks of the comics

    A: I haven't read them, but from what I gather, they are exploring some interesting themes.

    Q:  Why didn't Hasbro just request a Galaxy Girls show to sell something to compete with Monster High? Were they high or something?

    A: No large company wants something they can't own and control completely.

    Q: I think we all need to know. Who is best pony?

    A: You are going to hate this answer, but I can't pick. It's like asking a Mom to pick her favorite child.

    Q: Who do you like better? Supergirl? Batgirl? or Wonder Girl?

    A: I enjoy writing Supergirl the best. I love getting the chance to write hot headed characters.

    Q: Faust, is there anything you would recommend to someone who is about to do their first big animation project?
    My capstone for college has to have 8 animators and a minimum 16 crew total, and I'm kinda running short on what and where exactly I should be looking for everything. Like, is there anything specific I should look for in an animator's reel, aside from just strong and fluid work?
    I'm the school's "test student" to see if they'll start doing an animation program, and a lot rides on whether or not I succeed, and any advice you might have would be more than valuable.

    A: Strong and fluid work--- but also you need to gauge whether they are a good creative fit for your project. Someone can be amazing, but a bad fit. Unless they're very versatile--- those artists are gems!!! Look for people who can work reliably, and artists who can take the lead when you have too much on your plate.

    Q: What's your favorite episode of PPG? I've always wanted to know

    A: Rowdy Ruff Boys!!

    Q:  Lauren, since you gave some life advice to someone else - I've been wanting to break into the animation or art-for-television type of field, but my background is in graphic design. I live in the Midwest and I'm in my mid-twenties and I feel like I'm in a rut - not qualified with nothing nearby to push me where I want to go. What should I do? Do I need to move? Take classes? How do you do it?

    A: Being in the right place makes a big difference, if you can afford the move. Otherwise, classes, and try to get animation work online, where your location doesn't matter. Once you develop good relationships, you'll get more work and it will be easier to move to where you can get even more work

    Q:  Can you post some sketches of what you'd like? That would be really neat to see

    A: I have some sketches I did several months ago I've been thinking of posting on DA. I'll do it next week when I get home (I'm traveling)

    New Questions

    Q: I think I remember you telling someone on DA that you originally planned to have the main six have different body types/styles but were either short on time or money. If you had any specific ones already in mind could you describe what each pony would have looked like had been able to spend more time designing them? Also, great to see you here again!

    A: It's not that we were short on time and money, it's that I anticipated it would be a production nightmare to make them all different. I tried to get as much of their individuality into their hair and eye shape as I could.

    Q: So what's the deal with the Princesses? Did you ever plan on going in to more detail with their history?

    A: I didn't plan on it, but I was hoping I could

    Q: Lauren, Seriously, I love you. Stay safe in here, it can get freaky at times, but we all mean well in the end.

    A: I know. :)

    Q: Why did you choose to come here (4chan)? It's not like we have the best "fame" in the fandom. I'm just curious...

    A:  I've said it before, but I've seen some of the most thoughtful critiques here. I need to dig through some awful stuff to find it, but people are smart here sometimes.

    (Daww, you guys are loved.)  

    Q: Lauren are you going to any conventions this year?

    A: I think I'll be at Comic Con--- not sure yet

    Q: Lauren, what was your biggest influence on Rarity?

    A: Audrey Hepburn

    Q: Yo Lauren Faust, "Luna Eclipsed" and the midsection of "Hearth's Warming Eve" in Season 2 really feel like your work (and more like Season 1) than the other eps in that season. Am I right? Also, which episodes of Season 2 did you work on the most (stories, mostly)?

    A: Wow. I can't believe you noticed.

    I worked on all the stories, structurally, and only did script work on the first half. Luna Eclipsed, HWE are two I had a heavier hand in-- also Lesson Zero. Can't remember which others.

    Q: How was working on Cats Don't Dance?

    A:  AMAZING! I was 21, non-jaded and in love with my first job!