• Nightly Roundup #669

    Heya guys! I'm back after an extremely busy yet very fulfilling week and it is great to see you all again. Continuing my campaign of hosting the more obscure ponies in the headers of the Roundups we have Flim and Flam tonight. Sit back and guzzle some cider with them before hitting the news. Just make sure to check for twigs in the glasses.

    Check the news after the break!

    Got to Have Something With The Cider!

    Source for both cupcake pics

    Pinkie Pie Countdown Timer

    Maybe I should replace my timers in the lab with Pinkie timers. Should really liven things up! Anyway, there is a new app for Android you can download that not only has Pinkie Pie as a timer, but other ponies as well. Check it out at the page below!

    App Page

    Making PMV's Tutorial - Part 3

    The next installment on how to make pony PMVs has been released for those of you looking to take a whack at it! You can find it above.

    Missing Woona Found!

    This Woona we posted about days ago has finally been found! According to the page this was originally posted on she is in the hands of those who can get her to the right place. Thanks to everyone that put in their support!



    Brony News Network - Episode 17 - An Interview With Amy Keating Rogers

    Episode Link
    The MBS Show - Episode 64

    Copy Paste:

    On Episode 64 of The MBS Show, we have an awesome guest. He is a very well know brony musician and he has some of the most amazing sounds out there in the fandom. We a proud to bring you Aviators, join us as we discover how he works and what are his favorite games, you will never guess what it is.

    Come and listen to the interview in the link below.
    Canterlot Radio - Episode 10

    Episode Link


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Pool Party (and Knoxville Comic and Anime Con Panel)

    Pool Party: Saturday, June 16th, 4:30PM - 9:30PM
    Location: Walker Springs Apartments, Large Pool (Right side of map)
    Details: Please bring a food/beverage item. Please park near building H, if available.

    All are invited to the Pool Party, attendance to the Convention is encouraged but optional.

    Convention MLP Panel: June 16th, 3:00-4:00PM
    Location: Knoxville Expo Center (directions on website)
    Cost to attend convention: $10/day
    Details: Still in planning stages. Q&A for certain. Feel free to post input.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Bow Ties
    Pony Perfumes

    This Day in Pony History - May 28, 2011-2012

    2011 - Physics Brony trolls HuffPost, Daniel Ingram is interviewed by The Fan, the second days results for the Artist Training Ground are in, and here is an old comic!

    2012 -  Smile! Album re-released, Rainbow Dash vs. Starscream gets a follow up, and Derpy is revealed to possibly be Comic Cons exclusive!