• Drawfriend Stuff - Happy Birthday Andrew Francis!

    It's time again for another birthday bash my friends! This time around we've got the birthday of Andrew Francis today, the voice for the hunky Shining Armor. Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope to see more work from you in the future.

    Head on over to his Twitter and wish him a good one!

    Twitter Link

    Update: Added a few stragglers at the end!

    [1] Source
    Fanart - MLP. Shining Corn Dog

    [2] Source
    Captain of the Guard

    [3] Source
    Happy Birthday, Andrew Francis!

    [4] Source
    HRH the prince Shining Armor, Captain of the ERG

    [5] Source
    Knight in Dying Armor Final

    [6] Source
    Happy Birthday Andrew Francis!!!!

    [7] Source
    Real Stallions Do Cry

    [8] Source
    Oops, did I splash you?

    [9] Source
    MLP Birthday: Sibsy and Andrew

    [10] Source
    Bashful Shining

    [11] Source - ShikariSPEEDER
    Happy Birthday Andrew!

    [12] Source - Dillan
    Happy Bday!

    [13] Source - Monica

    [14] Source
    Happy Bday Sibs and Shining!

    [15] Source
    Little Shining Armor

    [16] Source
    Shining's Adorkable Bday


    [17] Source
    Andrew's Bday