• Everfree Northwest Announces Patron and Supporter Badges

    Keen on going to Everfree Northwest and looking to go in style? Well the staff at EFNW have got your back with the release of some brand new badges that come with some really awesome benefits! Check on after the break for the full breakdown.

    We want to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to those who purchased a Sponsor Badge at Everfree 2012. Your support and your belief in us was in no small part what made us so successful last year.
    This year, we’re bringing you two different tiers of premium membership: the Patron Badge and the Supporter Badge. These special badges will not only help us bring you the most fun-packed weekend possible--with more special guests and even bigger events--but it will also give you some benefits unique to holders of these badges.
    At $100, the Patron Badge is a full three day pass to our convention, but also includes a t-shirt and a special mention in our collectable convention book.
    The $350 Supporter Badge is our limited, premier membership and includes all the perks of the above Patron Badge as well as the following:
    • 3 Autograph Vouchers for the VIP of your choosing
    • A short message of your choice printed in our conbook
    • A specially-drawn, limited edition print
    • Access to our exclusive Supporter Lounge
    • Priority Position in Event & Autograph Lines
    It means the world to us when so many  go the extra mile in supporting what we do at Everfree Northwest. And don’t forget that Pre-Registration officially closes June 16th so hurry now and sign up! To register for a Patron or Supporter Badge now, please visit:
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