• Nightly Roundup #636

    Timberwolves are pretty freaky if you think about it.  I'd rather deal with a real wolf in the woods instead of an animated wooden demon wolf thing. 

    We didn't have enough for a roundup last night, so have it tonight instead.  It's a big one.  Everything from Minecraft to Pizza Hut shoutouts can be found below!

    Giant 3D Luna in Minecraft

    That's a big Luna. 

    Pony Car

    Might as well deck everything out in ponies right?

    More Ponies at Pizza Hut

    You guys have no idea how weak I am to Pizza Hut anything. Every time it's mentioned I want it.

    Short Pony Blurb on UK Morning Show

    Detailing the MLP app.  Check it out here!

    Short Fandom Documentary with Ponies

    All the fandoms!

    MLP Fanfic Documentary Update

    Copy Paste:
    Updates for MLP:FiM fan fiction documentary.
    First we have confirmed the release date at July 5-7th.
    So far we have 6 guests lined up.
    RBDash47, Wanderer D,  Scribblestick, bookplayer, Conicer, and lastly Kkat has agreed to do a written interview which will be worked into the documentary with the whole interview released online afterwards.
    Now here is what we would like from the community.
    If anyone would like to submit their fic to be used in the documentary, they can do so here. We are short on fics to use so feel free to link your story that means the most to you.
    If any musician would like to allow us to use their music, or they would like to create something, they can do so here.
    We also need art. Any art or video that people would like to give us permission to use can go here.
    If any animators would like to work with us for the intro or credits, possibly a few background items, then they can email us at FIMFANFICDOC@gmail.com. Any submissions can be made by email as well.


    Music Review 2

    Find it here!

    Silent Ponyville and Too Shy Live Reading

    Check the playlist out here!

    Le Poney Blanc Interviews ViFFex

    Well hello, o you reader of the Equestria Daily. This time, we propose you an interview of ViFFex. The documents were redrafted, a new layout of article and two-three questions were added. Do not hesitate to leave a little comment on Equestria Daily or Le Poney Blanc, your opinion and any suggestions or questions you want to ask your favorite musicians. By hoping that you go to appreciate it.
    Good reading!

    [Article] French: Here
    [Google Docs] English: Here

    Do not hesitate to visit to us over Le Poney Blanc.
    Facebook page : Here
    Twitter : Here
    Bluescreen Bronies #24

    Greetings folks, the Bluescreen Bronies are back again to bring you your weekly dose of gaming news with a brony flair.

    This week we present to you:

    • Gameloft and other companies under investigation.
    • Batman: Arkham Origins announced and Dated.
    • XCOM EU coming to iOS
    • How difficult is it to get women to play test games?
    • and much, much more

    Voice of Equestria Episode 31

    We’re alive, we swear!  Sorry for the wait, folks.  This week’s episode is a bit shorter than usual, but it’s nice to have a change of pace every now and then, right?  We spend a bit over an hour talking about two large fan projects that were published recently, comic books, and a smattering of news.  Oh, and some pretty cool things at the end.  :P  Come check it out!



    Successful Meetups

    Melbourne Meetup

    Pony Jeapordy from Brony-Fest 2013

    Here's the first half of the special Jeopardy! game I created for Brony-Fest 2013 in Dallas.

    Check it out here!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Keyrings, Necklaces, ect
    Applebloom Plushie
    Twilight Sparkle Princess Custom

    This Day in Pony History