• BronyCAN Announces Lee Tockar!

    Everyone's favorite moustachioed serpent is making an appearance at this summer's BronyCAN convention! Check after the break for the full press release everyone!

    We know many of you have been waiting in anticipation for the unveiling of our guest roster for BronyCAN, and as such, we are very happy to be able to confirm the attendance of Lee Tockar for our convention this summer! 
    Lee Tockar is the voice actor behind MLP:FiM characters Snips and Steven Magnet, as well as a well-known community personality. Additionally, he has also lent his talents to various animated series such as Johnny Test, George of the Jungle, Death Note, Gundam SEED, and more! Lee has attended a fair amount of MLP conventions, and we are glad to be adding BronyCAN to that list this summer!
     Anyone interested in attending BronyCAN 2013 can register at reg.BronyCAN.com 

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