• Random Merch: Socks, Funrise Rarity, Shirts, Wallets, and More!

    Lets start with some socks! These join the ever expanding pony inventory of Thinkgeek, at 10 bucks a pair.   Find their store page here!

    Onward to random merch.  Have a bunch of stuff below the break.


    Hastings has a new wallet up, following a similiar style to the Hot Topic stuff.  Thanks to Zombie for the heads up!

    Fluttershy Phone Case

    Found at Hot Topic.   These things must be selling well, cause they keep adding more designs!

    Thanks to Tiffany for the image.  


    I better not see any of you wearing this at the next convention.   Found at H&M!

    Tfaw appears to be adding the pony merch to it's clothing area.  Find this one here!  Thanks to Evie for the heads up!

    Funrise Rarity Plushies

    Funrise Rarity has been popping up in various sizes at various Wal Mart stores.  Happy hunting! Thanks to everyone that sent pictures in!

    Beach Towels

    We have had Celestia for over a year, and it looks like they are finally expanding the beach towel product line.  Found at Target by Scootabelle for 11 bucks!

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