• Nightly Roundup #608

    In celebration of Pi Day I have brought you both Soarin and pie as is custom for this glorious day. Hope you all had some pie to eat today and that you shared a slice with Soarin. Wouldn't want to make him sad would you?

    Check out the news tonight after the break.

    Animated Teaser for Black Equinox

    So many talented fans in this fandom! Seems like new animations are popping up all over the place as of late. Check out the 3D animation above for the fanfic Black Equinox!

    Why Twilight Should be Pope

    Right now we have the POPE voting going on right now on the sidebar, but someone out on Sparknotes thinks that Twilight would make a good candidate for the actual position of Pope as well! Check out the article down below.

    Article Link

    More MLP Buildabear Information

    More information on Buildabear's Pony Week are slipping out as the date draws ever nearer (April 1-7). The pic up top is an online representation of the plush while the bottom pic shows the item that comes with the plush which in this case is a cupcake themed shirt. Other information can be found at the link below!

    Photos of Official Poster

    Pinkie's Brew in Minecraft

    I have no idea how to even begin building one of these...

    Tabletop Podcast Talks Pony

    The well known tabletop podcast called 'Fear the Boot' recently had an episode that had quite a bit of pony talk in it! To hear the clip yourself follow the link below.


    Ponibooru Movie Night

    Copy Paste:

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. We got nothing better to do, then sit back and watch a couple of toons. This week we will be forgoing a movie and instead watch a couple of nostalgic cartoons picked by our hosts. We will be showing The Toxic Crusader, a cartoon based on the Movie The Toxic Avenger, a movie by the film company Troma, well known for extreme gore and gratuitous nudity and how the cartoon version doesnt live up to the companys usual standards, the New Kids on the Block cartoon which is a horribly dated 90's cartoon about the boy band New Kids on the Block which will forever be time locked in the 90's, the Avenger Penguins, which I know nothing about but from what i saw its better than the Club Penguins avenger add-on, And Captain Planet.

       Hosts for this week are:
       Harlequin Jester
       Feral Socks
       Dr. Outback



    Last Exit to Ponyville - Episode 9

    Copy Paste:

    Episode 9

    Editors note* If you have trouble with this episode via RSS, delete the downloaded file and try again and it should work.

    With season 3 wrapped up our intrepid Last Exit to Ponyville team must look elsewhere to get their mane 6 fix! Mike “the Birdman” Dodd, Laura “I’m on vacation!” Thomas and that other guy Trevor “slightly buzzed” Dupp delve into the IDW comic book series. We talk about the business of variant covers, the humorous storytelling and impressive artwork – but does it make up for a shortened 3rd season?

    Cereal Velocity from Equestria Daily graces us with his presence and we hear from our call-ins! Be sure to be on the lookout for the next call-in request – we love to hear from you!
    Ponies, Comics and Bourbon; What more could you possibly want in a podcast?! Lets start the show!
    A tremendous thanks to EQ for helping us out and watch their website and ours for new call in topics
    Make sure you Interact with the show via:
    Email: [email protected]
    Voicemail: 817 717 7202


    Successful Meetups

    DC Bronies Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Today to celebrate Pinkie Pi day some of the DC Bronies got together and hung out at a McDonalds. Craziness ensued almost immediately as someone bought a sickening amount of food for a member who forgot their wallet. It only got worse with food and coin throwing, lighter modifying, tape eating, Fluttershy napping leading to intimidation with a crowbar and a grand icing assault toward the end. In between the madness we managed to enjoy some cupcakes and conversations with only mild fits of laughter. Though we had a good time we were surprised we didn't get kicked out.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Pony IRC - SugarCubeCorner

    Chat Link
    PonyBay Launch

    Copy Paste:

    Remember the Las Pegasus Relief League auctions?

    Well, they were so successful that now there's a new, general-purpose pony buying & selling forum website based around the same structure!

    In fact, your old Las Pegasus Relief League auction username will work on PonyBay! (We copied the user database.)

    So, get buyin’ and sellin’! Go to http://www.bronies.com/ponybay/ for the skinny. And please-- tell your friends! Who needs eBay and all its fees and rules? The G1-G3 community has been buying and selling pony goodies on forums for years-- now it's the G4 community's turn! :)
    Ireland Meetup - Bray/Dublin

    Meetup Link
    Nova Scotia Brony Group

    Facebook Page


    This Day in Pony History - March 15, 2011-2012

    2011 - The 8-bit version of Art of the Dress by the amazing Rainbowcrash88 is released.

    2012 - Seeds of Kindness Charity Album launches.