• Hasbro 3D Promo Video with Some Pony

    Hasbro has tossed up a video displaying various brands, including a short part with some 3D ponies.  I don't think we have seen "official" models for 3D ponies yet, but these look pretty similar to the Source mod ones we have been using forever.  

    Anyway, check it out below the break!

    And a translation for those curious, though I'm not sure how accurage Google Translate is here:
    “Hasbro Chile charges us conducting a video to present to their customers, which will summarize the activities of the company during 2012. In order to respect the confidentiality of the data provided by Hasbro, the video presented here shows only the stage of the original video. The animation of each of the screens included in the scenario, which shows the activities of each of the Hasbro brands (Play Doh, Monopoly, Transformers, My Little Pony, etc), have been shelved.”
    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!

    HASBRO _ Video Showroom 2013 from Vink on Vimeo.