• Story Updates - February 5th

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    Story: Repercussions (Update Part 24!)


    Author: Tony "GaryOak" Genovese
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle hits a wall in her research on Princess Celestia, a new face in Ponyville gives her the spark she needs to overcome it. But after his arrival, ominous events are set into motion. Soon, Twilight must choose her side in a conflict that will decide Equestria's fate.
    Repercussions (New Part 24!)

    Story: Past Sins (Update Side Story 3 Part 4!)

    [Normal] "Dark and foreboding. A stirring tale that shows us that even those touched by darkness can shine" - Pre-reader #12

    Past Sins

    Story: A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies (Update Part 4!)

    [Crossover][Slice of Life]

    Author: D. G. D. Davidson
    Description: After Princess Celestia appoints Twilight Sparkle and her friends to be ambassadors to Earth, they decide to introduce themselves to the humans by appearing in a horse show, but they need someone to get them ready. They call on Megan, the legendary warrior who guarded ponykind in days of yore. Megan has banished or slain countless demons, but can she convince the ponies to hold still long enough for her to braid their manes?

    This story crosses over with G1, but should be accessible to all.
    A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies (New Part 4!)

    Story: Transcendence (Update Part 4!)


    Author: Corejo
    Description: When Scootaloo moves to Ponyville, she meets a certain cyan pegasus who becomes her idol. Things go well until a pivotal event causes her hopes and dreams to come crashing down around her. Broken and betrayed, Scootaloo must learn to accept her reality and embrace her inner strength with the help of her father and two best friends.
    Transcendence  (New Part 4!)

    Story: Mother of Invention (Update Part 8!)


    Author: Zaponator
    Description: Awake and alone, Applejack will find a way to survive.
    Mother of Invention (New Part 8!) 

    Story: Pipsqueak the Valiant's Adventure Journal! (Update Volume 2 Part 3!)

    [Slice of Life] This was the winner of /fic/'s last Writeoff!

    Author: Casca
    Description: A series of entries depicting Pipsqueak's life before and after arriving in Ponyville.
    Pipsqueak the Valiant's Adventure Journal! (New Vol. 2 Part 3!)

    Story: The Amazingly Awesome Adventures of Tank the Tortoise (by R. Dash) (Update Part 5!)

    [Random][Slice of Life] "Rainbow Dash is best fanfic author. Not even a can stand before her literary might." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Bradel
    Description: Rainbow Dash has a problem. She's done reading the last of the "Daring Do" novels, and the next one isn't set to be published until the summer. She tells her troubles to Tank, and in the process realizes that if other ponies can't write fast enough to keep her reading, then maybe she should try her hoof at writing stories of her own. They say to write what you know, and Rainbow Dash certainly does know adventure. But writing about yourself isn't very cool. Tank, on the other hand, is awesome enough to deserve stories of his own, only nopony knows that. Yet.
    The Amazingly Awesome Adventures of Tank the Tortoise (by R. Dash)

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