• Random Merch: Pinkie Pie Soap, Wristbands, Giftbags, and More!

    It seems like bathroom supplies for ponies is a hit this year, and these new bubble gum scented Pinkie Pie soaps have been spotted at a Canadian Walmart. 

    Thanks to Kaitlynn for the image!

    Onward to stuff!

    Rainbow Dash Wristband

    This one was found at Spencers in NC. I'm sure it's at others ones though, Spencers usually spreads their merch out evenly.

    Thanks to Flarabelle for the image.

    Celestia Giftbag

    Two bucks at a Two dollar store! Not bad.

    Thanks to Joel for the image.

    Artist Pad

    Rainbow Dash Hooded Union Suit

    This one was found over at Thinkgeek by a swarm of people.  I think I recognize it from elsewhere though.  Oh well! Get it here!