• Saturday Livestreams

    It's that time again my friends! Saturday is upon us and that means it's time to hangout with a bunch of pony artists. Today we've got a very diverse group for you all to watch, including many new faces and some returning ones. Quite a few this week are taking requests, so if you have an OC you'd like drawn up or have a funny or awesome scene in your head you'd like to see become reality then make sure to check out our list of artists today!

    If you'd like to participate in the Saturday Livestream event, whether you are new or a returning artist, please contact me at [email protected] with your name, livestream link, a gallery link if you have one, what sort of art you're doing that week, and a banner if you've made one! Keep in mind that the Livestream event starts every Saturday at 4pm EST / 1pm PST and that content in your stream must follow our content guidelines for EqD which you can find under our submit page.

    Now, let's get started! Check out the fun after the break!

    Artists Livestreaming Today:

    AssassinMonkey (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery

    BrainedbySaucepans (Request Art) - Livestream - Tumblr

     Dembai (Request Art Through Donations) - Livestream - Gallery

     Kryptchild (Request Art) - Livestream - Gallery 

     NekoCrispy (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery 

     Nife (General Artwork/Q&A) - Livestream - Gallery

    Paradigm Pizza (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery

     Pika Petey (Animation and Requests) - MICHAEL BAY STYLE EXPLOSIONS! - Gallery

     Regenborgenflitzer (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery

     Shino Dogood (Request Art) - Livestream - Gallery 
    Suikuzu / Yellowfur (General/Request Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery
       Tygerbug (General Artwork) - Livestream - Gallery 

    Video Creators Livestreaming Today:

    JHaller (PMVs and Pony Video Parodies) - Livestream - Gallery