• Happy Birthday to EQD!

    Click for Fireworks!
    So apparently we completely forgot that January 19th is technically EQD's birthday!   That's a whopping two years of pony.  I never imagined this fandom would reach the massive levels it has over the years, but here we are still truckin along!

    I already threw a pile of words at you all a few days ago, but I'd like to give my thanks to everyone again for sticking with us for so long!   EQD is fun only because you guys bombard us with fun stuff to post, so keep at it!

    Hopefully this next pony hiatus is shorter than we are used to.  I'd recommend taking those online pony friends of yours and planning some real life events.  There are hundreds of meetups for a reason. Geek culture is meant for it!

    Onward to to more pony!