• Doctor And Fluttershy Up for Pre-Order

    It looks like Hot Topic has tossed up pre-orders for Doctor Whooves and Fluttershy. They appear to be running with a pretty odd system for the translucent variants though, going with a 1 in 24 chance of receiving one.   Honestly, as a non collector, I am hoping I end up with a normal set, but chances are the rare ones will be worth more in the long run.

    That or I and everyone I've linked it to completely misread it.  It happens!  They are labeled "variant" after all in the actual title. 

    Find Doctor Whoof here, and Fluttershy here! The street date is the 22nd of February, so we have a bit of time before release!

    Zandarr sent over some promo codes too:

    $15 off $30: F4YUJ8TB or AEM8HY4U
    $30 off $60: BH2WB7V3
    $60 off $120: DY2MU5WC
    $75 off $150: E9WGU5WL

    I've only used the $15 off $30 one, but it did work like a charm! These are good until the 27th.   Just toss that in at checkout for a chunk of money off ($18 dollars for both of these).