• Music of the Day #50

    We have a pile of 29 tracks this time around for you all!  It looks like instrumental music kind of took over this one. Hope you aren't in the mood for words!

    Check them all out below.

    [1] Source
    Out-Staged - Error404
    Genre:  Instrumental - Progressive House

    [3] Source
    TeiThePony - Flying With The Rainbow (VIP MIX)
    Genre:  Instrumental Electro/Trance

    [4] Source
    Carbon Maestro - War of the Equestria
    Genre:  Instrumental - Orchestral

    [5] Source
    Silent Night - Smoke and Mirrors
    Genre: Vocal - Rock

    [6] Source
    Aftermath - Most Wonderful of Nights [feat. Princess Luna]
    Genre: Instrumental - DnB

    [7] Source
    Daniel Ingram - Babs Seed (Nicolas Dominique's Fried Apple Remix)
    Genre: Remix

    [8] Source
    Octavia- Original Music by FazPony
    Genre: Instrumental 

    [9] Source
    WolfOfSadness - PINKIE DESTROYER
    Genre: Instrumental 

    [10] Source
    Doofcake - Old Appleloosa
    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral

    [11] Source
    Pencil Eraser - Blind Fate and Imperfections
    Genre: Vocal - Rock

    [12] Source
    C_Phusion - A Dash of Finesse (MLP)
    Genre: Instrumental 

    [13] Source
    Radiarc - Crystalline
    Genre: Instrumental 

    [14] Source
    Radiarc - The Last Reunion
    Genre: Insturmental 

    [15] Source
    My Nightmare
    Genre: Instrumental 

    [16] Source
    Tears From a Crooked Eye
    Genre: Instrumental - Electronic

    [17] Source
    Twilight Venture V
    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral 

    [18] Source
    [Fan Music] Fallout: Equestria - Taint
    Genre: Instrumental - Rock

    [19] Source
    Neighsayer - At Long Last
    Genre: Instrumental - Ambient

    [20] Source
    GatoPaint - Braeburn Battle Theme
    Genre: Rock

    [21] Source
    ALfiux - World in Chaos
    Genre: Instrumental 

    [22] Source
    Hush now - Constep
    Genre: Instrumental Dubstep

    [23] Source
    Octavia's Battle Theme V2.0 (Anniversary Special)
    Genre: Instrumental 

    [24] Source
    Farewell (My Little Dashie Tribute) (600 Subscriber Special)
    Genre: Instrumental Orchestral

    [25] Source
    Goodbye, Granny Smith
    Genre: Instrumental 

    [26] Source
    (Dimondium and Co.) Dreaming with Ponies: Arranged for Concert Band (FINAL)
    Genre: Instrumental Orchestral

    [27] Source
    Antik9797 - Above
    Genre: Instrumental Electro

    [28] Source
    [Original] Elegance - Rainbowjack
    Genre: Instrumental 

    [29] Source
    Sethex - Rarity's Grace (VIP)
    Genre: Instrumental