• Traveling Pony Museum Artist Callout

    The Traveling Pony Museum needs artists, and you are the community to help them with that!  You know the drill, head on down past the break for the writeup and information on how you can hop on!

    Traveling Pony Museum Artist Call Continued and Fallout Equestria

    Greetings Vault Dwellers!

    Are you good with your hooves? Mix and mash and mold things into place? Enjoy putting a fresh coat of paint on those drab walls? Then we want you in the Traveling Pony Museum!

    That's right, the Traveling Pony Museum is on a quest to set up a Fallout Equestria artwork display of sculptures, carvings, bits and bobbles - Anything hoof made! And not just original FOE things but from any and every FOE side story! Heroes, Project Horizons, Pink Eyes…. etc! 

    Are your shelves cluttered by sculptures of LilPip? Does Blackjack inspire you to become a security pony? Does Puppysmiles make you smile? Of course. What about SIlver Storm, do you have a bunch of custom ponies of her guarding your desk? 

    We'd like to see all the hard work and effort you've put in to making your favorite characters and put them on display across the country! Send your submissions and any questions or concerns to [email protected]

    And of course you can check out our current museum artists here : www.travelingponymuseum.com

    In addition - TO ANY ARTISTS WHO HAVE ALREADY SENT IN SUBMISSION EMAILS : Don't worry, we haven't started going through them yet so if you haven't received a reply don't worry! We'll be working on them this week so keep an eye on your inbox.

    Futhermore : To all those who submitted applications to be a part of the museum staff, we're working on it! If you haven't heard back for interviews, have any questions or anything at all please email [email protected] 

    -The Traveling Pony Museum Team