• Music of the Day #49

    "But sister, this modern music is so noisy!"
    We have sixteen tracks this time around from various genres.  Head on down past the break for all of it!

    ViFFeX - Scootaloo's Trials
    Genre: Instrumental - New Age

    [FicSong: Rainbow Factory] - Say Goodbye
    Genre: Vocal

    The Timberwolf
    Genre: Instrumental - Experimental Switching

    Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross - Applejack Circuit
    Genre: Instrumental

    Jastrian - Sound of Flight
    Genre: Instrumental

    Silva Hound ft. Rina-chan - Hooves Up High VIP
    Genre: Remix

    Archie - The Lunar Republic (Original Mix)
    Genre: Remix

    El Miedo de la Sombra [Original composition by NomNom]
    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral

    Hush (Danielpony & TheDashDub) [900 Subs!]
    Genre: Instrumental - Lullarock

    All-Vocal Smile, Smile, Smile Cover
    Genre: Remix

    Magic And Loyalty

    Book Time (Twilight Sparkle ft. Tarby)
    Genre: Vocal - Parody

    Ch0pis - Fluttershy (Hay Tea Remix)

    IvoryKeysADSR - A Wasteland Restored
    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral

    Wings [by IAmSwagg]
    Genre: Vocal - Rap

    Crystal Slave - The Chase (200 Subscriber Special)
    Genre:  Vocal

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