• Nightly Roundup #548

    Again we've had another dry spell of news as of late, so apologies for no Roundup last night! Have a Luna that someone sent me to compensate. I'd give you guys more baked goods, but they seem to also be in short supply lately! Oh the horror!

    Well, hopefully what we have for you tonight will be enough. Dive right in after the break!

    Awesome Spanish Smile Project

    It's always great to see the projects fans in other parts of the world come up with! We truly are a very diverse community I must say and videos like the one below just go to prove that. A bunch of Spanish speaking Bronies got together and did their own Smile song project and it turned out rather well. Take a look!

    No Cake, But How About Cookies?

    (Cookies by Yagyag)

    WTVY News Reports on TV.com Pony Victory

    The ever awesome local news program on WTVY has done yet another pony segment, detailing the recent victory of MLP over on the TV.com poll for best Best Animated Series. With so many segments by these guys I guess we can call them members of the pony news reporting community at this point! Keep rocking on WTVY News!

    Article and Clip Segment

    Fluttershy Takes Lead in Emblem Vote

    Speaking pony in the real world, the city of Novokuznetsk, Russia, is currently voting on an emblem for their 400th anniversary. As is the habit of ponies popping up in the most unlikely of places, Fluttershy has appeared on one of the emblems and is currently the frontrunner in the competition. Check out the emblem at the links below!

    Voting Page
    Page of the Fluttershy Emblem
    Video on the Competition (In Russian)

    Applebee's Mentions Ponies on Facebook

    Looks like we know which pony Applebee's favorite is!

    Rainbow Dash Tattoo

    Pony Pins for Pre-Ordering

    Copy Paste:

    This time we have the following new pins:Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon Cutie Mark Pin Set
    Snips & Snails Cutie Mark Pin Set
    Spitfire Cutie Mark Pin
    Lightning Dust Cutie Mark Pin
    Peanut Bucker Stained Glass Pin
    Zecora Silhouette Pin
    DJ Pon-3 Silhouette Pin
    Lead & Wing Pony Pin Set
    Trixie Logo Pin
    Alicorn Amulet Pin
    Big Apple Ponycon Pin

    You can view all of the pin designs at http://pinfilly.blogspot.com/p/pin-designs.html

    Pre-Order Form!

    Pre-orders will close on January 22nd, 2013. And if you are attending Big Apple Ponycon there is an option to pick up your pins there.
    Also we still have some of the previous limited edition pins in stock, so check out PinFilly's Shop to get them!


    Bronies Are Awesome - A Community Montage


    The Brony Show Episode 80 -- SketchyWolf


    Hey Everypony! We’re doing another one of those Brony Show things, and we want you to come hang out with us! We kick off with our usual pre-show hijinks a little before, and then we dive straight into our interview.

    And this week, we interview SketchyWolf! http://sketchywolf-13.deviantart.com/ We’ll ask him all our questions, then open the floor to the viewers to ask some. We’re also wrapping up our contest, where you could still have a shot at a free Humble Bundle! We will also be watching an episode and appreciating some Brony music, PMVs, videos are other fun stuff. And to finish off the night, be sure to stay for Crimsonthewolf’s Afterparty for random fun and a Let’s Play!

    Be sure to check out our previous episodes on Youtube, and on our Livestream and website. Find us on Steam to be notified about Let’s Plays and other random shenanigans we start!

    Check it out at www.thebronyshow.net or www.livestream.com/thebronyshow
    It all starts at 6:00 PCT/9:00 EST Can't wait to see you there!

    Cantercast Daily - Episode 20

    Copy Paste:

    This today, the crew from Cantercast Daily (one of the official podcasts of canterlot.net) talked about pony games, the brony herd census, comic variants, Optimus Prime joining Princess Celestia and Steve Magnet at Las Pegasus Unicon, the Hub continues to grow and what that means for the ponies...and our host goes off on Hasbro about Google play. All this and a talk of Peace, Love and Tolerance!

    Cantercast Daily #020 Show Notes

    Cantercast Daily #020

    Come join us every Sunday at 9pm EST for Cantercast Weekly and every Monday through Friday at 12noon EST for the new Cantercast Daily! youtube.com/cantercast Come to canterlot.net for news and community fun. and now! We have twitter: twitter.com/cantercastshow email us at: admin@cantercast.net

    Pony 411 -- Episode 21: Pony 2012

    We've got a full house for you tonight! For the first time, all five of the Pony 411 (YouTube, iTunes, Libsyn) crew are together for an episode! We start off with some quick hits like Grey DeLisle being in a fan project, Trotcon announcing some guests and Gamespot featuring an article on Fighting is Magic.

    Afterward, lacking an episode to discuss, we decide to have a retrospective on ponies from 2012. Favorite things from the show and the fandom. We even talk a little about some low points of the year. And finally, after being entirely missing last week, fan content returns. Nemesis starts things off with a fanfic that he swears he was reading before EqD posted it. Then Four String follows up with three musical selections. So kick back and listen to Pony 411!

    All Levels at Once Interview

    Brony Clubhouse Network's Coverage of Anime Los Angeles

    Copy Paste:

    This is Brony Clubhouse Network's coverage of Anime Los Angeles, the attendees, cosplayers, and our staff! We hope you all enjoy!


    Successful Meetups

    Quebec City Meetup

    So there was a meetup in Lévis (just south of Québec City, Canada) on the Season 3 premiere day, just so you know, and the video just got released (thanks to Alexis Garçon). I've written about it on BroniesQC (the website of the Bronies of the province of Québec).

    Article (in French): http://broniesqc.com/2013/01/08/meetup-de-quebec-city/


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Cookeville, TN Brony Club

    Copy Paste:

    Hello everypony, my name is stratos and i will be starting up a new club in cookeville TN. time to get the bronies off their lazy flanks and have an active and proficient club. if your interested just email me at zipsaw428@yahoo.com and as i get things around and going i will save your contact info so that way we can get a club meeting going. BRO HOOVES /)(\ .
    Lima, Peru Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    ¡Todos están invitados al 5to meetup oficial de Bronies Perú!
    El meetup será en el Campo de Marte, en Jesús María (Entre Av. Peruanidad y Salaverry), el lugar donde nos encontraremos será en el puente frente a la entrada (Imagen: http://derpy.me/7p6xw) a las 3:00 PM del día 12 de Enero.

    Van a haber premios, sorteos y también venta de objetos brony!

    Bueno eso es todo, solo queda esperar que sea un día memorable, como lo han sido todos los otros días en que tuvimos un meetup.

    No te olvides de entrar al evento para más información:http://www.facebook.com/events/175192205956753/

    Y visitar la página: http://www.facebook.com/BroniesPeru

    ¡Nos vemos ahí!

    Saludos /)

    Santa Clarita Monthly Mall Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Greetings everypony! The Bronies of Santa Clarita are going to have their first monthly mall meetup of the year on January 19, 2013 at the Westfield Valencia Town Center at 3:30 P.M. There're lots of shops and restaurants in the mall and in the surrounding areas to browse at, dine at, and to talk about ponies at. For more information please check out the event page:

    Here's the Facebook event page:


    And here's the SoCal Bronies event:

    Santa Maria, CA Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Are you a brony in the Santa Maria area (California)? Maybe even just on Central Coast area?
    Come join us at the Santa Maria, CA 1019 E Main St Denny's off the Highway 101 (Right next to Jack in the Box)
    Time: 5:45
    Date 1/9/2013
    We would like to connect with other local bronies in the area for good times to be had!

    Here is our facebook group!
    Ohio Bronies - Ohayocon Pony Meetups

    Copy Paste:

    Yes, it's that time of the year again... Ohayocon! Here's what we know:

    • There will be two official photoshoots: Friday at 8 PM, and Saturday at 2 PM. Both will be near the food court, at the base of the giant stairs.
    • There will also be two MLP-related panels. One of them is being hosted by the same crew which did the Colossalcon panel, and the other is the My Little Headcanon panel which you might have previously seen if you were at Matsuricon.
    • Ohayocon tends not to post the panel schedule until right before (after? during?) the convention, so we don't yet know when or where these panels will be.
    If nothing conflicts, let's meet on both Friday and Saturday evening at 6 PM, in the alcove behind the giant stairs on the lower level. (This is the area to the right as you go down the stairs, with all the windows - it's one of the places where we ended up last year.) If a panel happens to be scheduled within an hour of this time, then we'll meet instead in the nearest open area to the panel right after it's finished.



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