• Raven on Stay Brony My Friends

    DustyKatt grabbed another one of those show staffers for tonight's episode. Raven is one of the storyboard artists for MLP, and someone you should totally go follow on Twitter!  You know the drill! Head on down past the break for the usual copy pasta!

    This week on the program we will have the very talented storyboard artist Raven!

    Along with Sibsy, Raven has boarded most of our favorite episodes from Lesson Zero to Hurricane Fluttershy
    not to mention both 2 parters, A Canterlot Wedding and Crystal Empire!

    She also has a bunch of Edd, Ed and Eddy and Pound Puppies under her amazing pencil! Can you really call it a pencil
    now a days? I mean with the advent of tablets and all....but I digress!

    So join us on Stay Brony My Friends LIVE Monday Dec 3rd at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST on Everfree.net!