• The Hub Wins Best Network for Family Programming

    A while back, we pointed toward a poll on Adweek for the best of the best in various categories.  It was so full of pony, they had to split off into a separate best pony poll just for us (which showed Rainbow Dash as the winner).   However, one section did remain! The Hub pulled it off with a victory in "Best Network for Family Programming". 

    The little blurb they wrote for the winner page is pretty entertaining to! Go read it here! Sounds like The Hub is dominating in more than just pony.  For a fledgling US only subscription network, that is straight up impressive!

    It looks like TV Guide may have pulled a swap on us though.  This image is currently completely unconfirmed, but it looks like they already have a winner picked and printed for their fan favorite contest, even with the ongoing poll.  Can't win them all I guess! I'm cool with Doctor Who. 

    (Update: Looks like the poll that was going to choose the cover was on Facebook! How did we miss that one?)