• Nightly Roundup #514

    I can agree with last night's roundup that Twilight is up there on the pony tiers.  Maybe not best of the best pony status, but shes pretty close.

    And this image is amazing.  How could I not use it?

    Have some nightly roundup community stuff !

    Rainbow Dash Smash Brothers Brawl Mod Expanded

    It looks like the Rainbow Dash mod is progressing nicely, A couple of graphical hiccups are still there, but the actual character seems to be working alright.  Check the video out above for all of it.

    Luna Tattoo

    I actually debated with Phoe on why you guys like this pony so much earlier.  I think it ended in a stalemate though.

    Ray and Azo Fan Animation Project

    All information below:

    The Ray and Azo project is an upcoming fan made pony animated series that is currently under development right now! Based off of the fanfic written by sliverdrey on deviantart, this project is one adventurous step for bronykind. We are trying to accomplish something never done before! Create a series that gives off the feel of anime, but retains its faithful My Little Pony roots.

     We are aiming to complete the pilot episode by summer 2013. In order to pull it off,[we require a lot of help]. We need voice actors to voice various characters. If interested, you can sign up here:

     If you want to help us in any other way, either spread the word or check out the recruitment page for more details here (we could use animators, background artists, 3D artists, and character artists):

     Check out our FAQ for more info:  http://www.rayandazo.com/apps/faq/

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Art Competition

    Another competition is goin down for you artists out there.  Find it here!


    Bluescreen Bronies

    Bluescreen Bronies Episode 10 is finally out! ( http://youtu.be/-gaUjJMN3UA ) I have to say is moving sucks when emergencies come up. This week we tackle two weeks worth of content including the WiiU, a strange karaoke game, and even Baldur's Gate's new release! I have to say that with so much crammed into an episode I had to cut the end of review banter, don't worry it will be back next week!

    This week's reviews are Halo 4, Jamestown, and Final Hallway Simulator XIII

    Dpad is looking for your Steam related problems/questions for this month's Gamer's Toolbox! Send him an email @ [email protected] subject: Gamer's Toolbox

    Brony Bookclub 15

    This week we had on Andrew Joshua Talon, author of Progress, to talk about everypony's favorite Princess. We talked about our preferences on how the character, and her transformation into Nightmare Moon, should be done. I set forth a new decree about emails. And Sam...was really quiet today. Anyway, listen to all that and more here (http://youtu.be/aJ9VpxlYFg8)

    Cloud 9 Podcast Premiere

    Find it here!

    Cloudsdale Episode 12 - Assertive Fluttershy

    This week we interviewed Assertive Fluttershy, otherwise know as Alex! Find him here!

    Welcome to CloudsDale Cafe, where Nick's quality destroys everything. (I'm so sorry)

    Like what you see? Join us next week on December 8th at 9:00 PM EST! at http://www.livestream.com/cloudsdalecafe
    and join us with our pre-show at 8:30!
    Like us on Facebook and follow us on Tumblr to get some reminders before we stream!

    Las Pegacast Episode 8

    Find it here!

    Colt of Personality

    Find it here!

    Pony 411 -- Episode 16: That Ending

    So, how about that "Magic Duel," eh? Check out episode 16 of Pony 411, in which FusionFox, Four String, Nemesis and Artfan give their opinions of the epic showdown between Twilight and Trixie, plus what it could mean for the remainder of the season.

    Throughout, we derail ourselves multiple times, possibly due to Four String stumbling home a little inebriated to do the podcast. We've also got the announcement of some new synopses (synopsi?) of season three, and Four String has two new pony tunes to check out. Til we meet again, please pony responsibly and check out the episode on iTunes as well!


    Successful Meetups

    Comic Launch Party at Beach Ball Comics

    Nestor Velazquez (Reporter Rainbow Dash) invaded the Beach Ball Comics event for the signed MLP Comics.  The full report is above!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Yorkshire Meetup

    Hello everypony! Just a reminder that there is two weeks to go until the Hearth’s Warming Eve mega-meetup in Leeds! If you live in the UK and are in travelling distance of the city of Leeds, we’d love to have you here!
    Time and place:
    Leeds, England – 11am in the train station.
    Our new target is to exceed 100 Bronies attending the meet, so if you are capable of making the journey, do it! We promise you’ll have a ton of fun! :D
    For more information, check out the below link:


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Chrysalis Bell Plush
    Pinkie Beanie
    Rarity Beanie