• "Too Many Pinkies": Episode Followup

    Hot on the heels of the large-scale story of the crystal empire is something a little closer to, well, Ponyville- Pinkie Pie finds that there simply isn't enough of her to go around, and to avoid missing any fun, she clones herself. To the surprise of literally no one, this plan backfires, and hilarity ensues. If one wanted to, one could examine this situation under the microscope of the question of personal identity and what it means to be yourself.

    But mostly it's just Pinkie Pie to the power of ten.

    Three, two, one, followup.

    Making a fruit not suck: step one.

    I guess we can add transmogrification magic to Twilight's repertoire. I don't really see how this is a difficult spell for her, like she says it is, because we've already seen her do this with rocks for Spike. But that was like six seasons ago, I'm sure she probably just forgot.


    Oh, no, it's... it's just an orange. With wings. Bonus scrunchy face.

    If you'll allow me to pontificate on Rarity's one, lonely scene (and you will let me do this), I must say that I do enjoy the outfit that she created, even though it has nothing to do with this episode. Look at that manestyle. All she needs is a giant hat and it's golden. Artists, get on it.

    Yeah, Dash, you teach that fog a lesson.

    Yeah, AJ, you just keep on getting typecast.

    I wonder if Twilight was practicing that spell to turn all of AJ's apples into oranges, just to see the look of unbridled horror on her face. Horse pun intentional.

    And then Pinkie Pie was a clock.

    This pond seems... I dunno, it seems like an especially dangerous pond to just have lying around. Maybe this is what Chrysalis used to make all those changelings. Maybe an invading gryphon army could use this to completely dominate Equestria as we know it. Maybe it's actually a mirror version of our reality that Pinkie stepped into when she made the first clone, and there are tiny but irreversible differences that will take many episodes to manifest.

    Or, you know, it's a gag. Dave Polsky wrote this episode. He also wrote Feeling Pinkie Keen and Over a Barrel. Slapstick is his game.

    Regardless, the Pinkies have been doubled.

    Dash, where are your wings?
    Alternate caption: "This book is blank!"

    We also get a good look at Dash's actual book here. Is that the Sapphire Stone? I thought she had already read that. Regardless, it was a nice throwback. If the cover hasn't been vectored already, there's your reference.

    Pinkie accidentally physics.

    Flutterpie! Rarijack! Oh, man, I am so bad at this game.

    Hey, look, another colt! And he's with the Apple family, though his cutie mark seems to be a guitar. I will call him Johnny Cash and we'll just roll with it.

    Thank god Plot Convenience Horseshoe was here to help.

    See, this totally could have had a subplot about Pinkie losing her sense of self and wondering what it really means to be who you think you are. That aside, though, Pinkie sort of looks chubby here. Is it just me? It might just be me.

    Fancy Pants?! Don't you live in Canterlot? Scandal!

    Yeah, AJ, you just keep on getting typecast.

    Also, apparently it's just as easy to herd a bunch of Pinkie Pies as to herd a bunch of cows. So, uhm, points to Applejack for this one, I guess.

    And then I killed all the aliens and used their blood to paint this wall!

    For those of you that didn't catch this during the episode, I'm pretty sure that Dash is wearing a Wonderbolts watch. It's kind of hard to see, and it's only two frames long. Regardless, has anyone else noticed that Rainbow Dash is usually first pick to use human objects? Sunglasses, a reflector, a watch, a book...

    At least she didn't beat anyone up this episode.

    Lyra was very happy with this scene. I haven't seen her since.


    Oh, wait, she was never real to begin with.

    Oh god, how horrifying.

    Points for making fun of your much less well-received previous generations, Dave.

    Everything's better with a lens flare. Just ask JJ Abrams. Or me.

    That's all I have for you guys today. Have some community content to wrap this diddy up.