• Nightly Roundup #501

    Pinkie wants more episodes.
    And so ends Pinkie Pie's big episode of the season.  Hopefully she gets more love later on! I for one welcome the slapstick style that she usually pulls off, along with the other pony reactions at her physics breaking abilities.

    Have some roundup below. 

    Last Exit to Ponyville Season 3 Show

    New Call-in Question for Tomorrow-

    We have now started season 3 off with a bang, and we want to know: what did you think of the season opener and what are your predictions for season 3?


    The Number is here: (817) 717-7202

    APPLE CIDER FOR THE BRONY SOUL - Call for Submissions

    Copy Paste:
    Can't stop thinking about ponies? Want to be a published writer?

    There is a fan-based non-fiction BOOK PROJECT in need of submissions!

    APPLE CIDER FOR THE BRONY SOUL: Reflections on Love, Tolerance, and Friendship.

    You hear a lot of talk sometimes about how love and tolerance is dead or dying in our fandom. The truth is, we are not the same community we were in Season One, but that's okay. Those ideals still mean the world to thousands upon thousands of bronies, myself included. Love and tolerance is alive and well. I see amazing acts of charity, love, and support going on in our community every single day.

    As we trot into Season 3, and the brony phenomenon continues to grow at an exponential rate, it is important that we not only stay true to our ideals, but re-articulate them, refine them, and discuss them openly, especially to newcomers in our community.

    Apple Cider for the Brony Soul is a small press book project that will gather uplifting thoughts and reflections on the positive messages of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from the show's fans and its creators alike. Its mission is to express, define, and refine the core principles of brony culture.

    "I originally started writing Apple Cider for the Brony Soul just by getting my own ideas on paper, since I think about the morals of My Little Pony rather a lot. It wasn't long before I realized that this book is not for me to write. It's for us. There is potential in this project to really touch peoples' lives. That potential is you. So if you care about love and tolerance, and you have something you want to say about it, I strongly encourage you to make a

    submission." -Sprocket (Editor, Apple Cider for the Brony Soul)

    Send all submissions via baby dragon. If you do not have a baby dragon, you can email your work to [email protected]. The Deadline will be January 15, 2013, but it's better to get an essay in sooner rather than later.

    Please be sure to carefully read the guidelines for submission.



    Brony Choir Seeks More

    Head on over to their video for information on joining it!


    Cloudsdale Cafe - Silver Blaze Interview

    Copy Paste:
    Hello everypony and welcome once again to another outstanding episode of The Cloudsdale Cafe! Our guest for tonight's show will be Silver Blaze, mod of the tumblr blog Ask Heart Lift an extremely cute pony with an adorable personality. But before we get to the interview we will be having our regular pony news and be sure to check out our After Show, where many things can and will go wrong.

    This is all happening Saturday tonight at 9:00 pm EST and it will be broadcasting at our regular place: http://www.livestream.com/cloudsdalecafe

    Visit our Tumblr at: http://www.livestream.com/cloudsdalecafe

    Silver Blaze's Tumblr: http://askheartlift.tumblr.com/

    And for more episode's visit our YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CloudsdaleCafe?feature=masthead-dropdown

    We hope to see you soon!


    Successful Meetups

    German Meetup

    Copy paste:

    Today (17th of November) some german bronies met in Essen (NRW). We were scanning through some shops for some merchandise ´n stuff and had a lot of fun.
    There were one lesson we all learned from this: Confetti is the biggest enemy of a brony!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Roleplaying Social Network

    Copy Paste:
    We are proud to present you the new style within brony communities!

    Check out http://manehatten.com/ and sign up for a fun time!

    Participate in whatever you like and meet new friends.
    We are growing as we speak and it got great features with a brief user guide.

    This is a pretty new system so we sure needs some shares to grow as a community.

    East PA Bronies Update!

    Copy Paste:
    We are a brand new meetup group based in Eastern Pennsylvania US who plan to host monthly meetups.
    We are in our final planning stages and are looking for a few more responses to our survey before making anything final.
    If anyone is interested please fill out the survey below, and give us any suggestions you may have.

    Survey : http://goo.gl/YSY9T

    We also have an RDN group and E-Mail if you require any further information
    RDN : http://rainbowdash.net/group/eastpabronies
    E-Mail : [email protected]


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Scarves
    Pony Headphones
    Pony Plushies

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here