• Random Merch: Earbuds, Belt Buckle, Wrapping Paper, and More!

    It looks like Hot Topic has added earbuds to go along with their full on headphones from a few days ago for those of you that don't like having something wrapped over your head. 

    Thanks to everyone that sent these and Sawyersfilm for the picture!

    Head on down past the break for random merch!

    Bubble Magnet Book

    We have hada smaller magnet set in the past, but it looks like they have expanded the hell out of them with a massive 40 count book of them.  Included this time is a bunch of pages for you to plaster your ponies to.  These were found at a store called Winners in Alberta.  Thanks to Martin for the heads up!

    Rainbow Dash Belt Buckle

    Yesterday's merch post had a Rainbow Dash belt buckle, but the image was from the side! Fortunately  a bunch of you sent some pictures straight on.  This one from Taps who points out:

    One side is all the main 6 with a white background and the flip side is black with cutie marks. 

    You can find it at Hot Topic!

    Pony Wrapping Paper

    Toys R' Us has expanded their wrapping paper stock with the one found above for $3.99.  Now your holiday season can be filled with even more pony!

    Thansk to Framwinkle for the image.  

    And that about covers it for this edition of Random Merch! Looks like Hasbro is really gearing up for the holidays!

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