• Streams and Marathons Today! (Outdated)

    Time for another round of livestreams and events to invade! Can you handle the community? Cause I can't.  How do you guys even choose!?

    Anyway, head on down past the break for all the marathons of the day. 


    PUBLIC: We hope you all had a fun Thanksgiving! It's Friday and that means it's time for Brony Movie Night! This week's viewer-picked movies include the hilarious and classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit along with one of Marvel's super hero in Hulk VS. We'll also be streaming pony episodes, Look Before You Sleep and A Bird in the Hoof! Stream starts at 7:00 PM EST! Can't make it on Friday? Don't worry! Just tune in on Saturday at 2 PM EST for a restream of Brony Movie Night. Brony Movie Night Lottery Selection happens during intermission on Saturday! For more info, be sure to check the FAQ on our site :)

    Then, Saturday morning, we'll be doing a live stream of Season 3 Episode 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, "One Bad Apple." Episode starts at 10:30 AM EST so be sure to mark it down! Hope to see you all there, it's going to be an awesome time!


    Brony TV 

    Link www.bronytv.net
    Bronytv is proud once again to present it's traditional mare-a-thon before tomorrow's new episode. As usual we will have my little pony, with friendship is witchcraft, and a few random surprises along the way, concluding with this weeks new episode . It begins at 7pm est Friday. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE


    I hope everyone had an excellent turkey day on thursday and i would love to welcome you guys back to synchtube for another Filly Synchtube Mare-a-thon!
    It will be starting at 4 leading up to the streaming of the new episode.

    http://www.synchtube.com/r/filly   (main room)

    A note that any room not listed above is not ours and we will not be in there.

    Brony Network

    Every friday night starting @ Midnight (12am) Eastern time there will be a mixture of your favorite MLP:FIM episodes from both seasons including the follow up of the previous new episode before the new one starts at 10:30am Eastern. we hope to see you there

    http://www.livestream.com/thebronynetwork4 (Also include the link to the stream and discussions thank you)

    MLP Forums 

    Starting at 4 PM EST we'll be watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets followed by The Hunger Games. A marathon of season one and two will follow immediately after the movies and last all the way until the new episode airs. Everyone is welcome to join the party. It all takes place at our new site, Equestria.TV.

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