• Album Compilation - November

    This was a pretty big month for albums! We have five for you all this time around, from big names and small names alike! Head on down past the break for all of them.

    Soft Spectrum
    Genre: Chill

    Soft Spectrum was an idea that sprouted out of MLR, a pony music forum one day. Senntenial took on the idea, and compiled an album. The main point of the album is to better the community by not judging a song yes or no, but by giving helpful feedback to everyone that entered.

    More albums like this will be hosted by Senntenial, the next up being funk. We encourage all musicians to submit tracks in hope of bettering their skills.

    Artist: Tarby
    Genre: Industrial

    Description: both pony and non pony, includes my balloon party song, "Rejected", reduxes of both Taste The Rainbow and Born Cross Eyed, Crystalline, and several others.

    Liquid Karma
    Artist: the8bitbrony


    The Third Beginning
    Genre: Various
     Description: This free album is dedicated to celebrating the release of season three and showing the community that brony musicians are very much alive. We did this by speed composing songs in under a week dedicated to episodes 1/2 of season 3. The most important thing though is that we created this album for you guys to enjoy, so please do so!

    Artist: Stratum
    Genre: Progressive House

    Description: This is the debut EP of the electronic music producer, Stratum.  The EP is based on Pegasi, and the primary genre of it is Progressive House.  The EP consists of five original songs, and a remix.  Enjoy!

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