• Nightly Roundup #502

    Unleash the pies!

    Have some roundup stuff.  It's a big one tonight!

    Pinkie Eating Mice

    She crazeh.

    Dutch News Site Posts Pony

    Can't have a news site without some pony.  No translation this time around.  Find it here!

    Toys R' Us Coupon

    Apparently some stores have a buy one get one free going!  Check your papers! Thanks to Silver_Rain for the heads up!

    Completely Crazy Pony Music

    Yep, its wild!

    Pony Dance Party Collab Seeks People

    For all you dancers out there, a new collab project has started.  Find the video here!

    Tee Raiders Pinkie Shirt

    The Tee Shirt a day website has a new shirt up with some Pinkie on it.  Find it here!

    Merchandise Survey

    Have some copy paste below:

    Hey guys! Earth_Pony here with a quick survey for you all! It's only eight questions long, asking about your merchandise buying habits. Have you ever bought merchandise? What types do you prefer? That sort of thing.

    I am expecting to see some interesting results now that there's some really good looking official merchandise! *cough, no more pink Celestia, cough*

    It's for a school project, so I could really use a lot of responses! Link is included below:


    Thanks for your support!

    Trixie Day!

    The Stuttgart group has a bit of a Trixie day event going on in honor of her 2nd anniversary! Have some copy paste:
    At PonyTV in Stuttgart ShadowHooves http://shadowhooves89.deviantart.com/
    offered me to draw something and I surely decided it should be Trixie.
    We dedicated it to the aniversary and here is his comic:

    I organised a Synchtube Party dedicated to Trixie as well


    the new playlist starts 20.30 mez and we will rewatch S1 E6 at 21.15

    the pw to keep trolls away is Trixierulez


    Bluescreen Bronies Episode 9

    Bluescreen Bronies have released episode 9 ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXLgnVbWkJY ) with talking points about day one DLC for the new DMC, the closure of Nintendo Power and Playstation magazine, and even a lawsuit against Blizzard/Activision.

    This week's reviews are:

    • Gameloft's MLP Game
    • Ar Tonelico 2
    • Magic: The Gathering Planeswalkers 2013
    If you have a guild/clan/gamer group we want to hear from you, send us a message @ [email protected], don't forget to ask Dpad your PC questions so he can answer them in December.

    Story Test Workshop 

    Story Test Workshop has done an episode on the season 3 opener, hope you enjoy :D

    Episode 12 of Radio Free Equestria!

    Not nearly so controversial as episode 11!  

    Pinkie Pie was able to clone herself with the magic of the mirror pool in “Too Many Pinkie Pies.” Just how did she know about this place? More importantly, how did her Nana Pinkie know? Why did Twilight have a hidden book in the library in Ponyville detailing not only how it worked, but how to send the clones back?
    Did Pinkie Pie ever return? Or are we now permanently in mirror world?

    We will continue to have these every week!

    Cantercast 18

    Cantercast Show notes for episode 18
    Cantercast episode 18

    The cast of Cantercast (the podcast of www.canterlot.net) gets together for another week, discussing season 3 episode 3, whether to use brony for everyone or pegasister for girls and brony for boys, what makes ‘good’ pony content, as well as why Luna was upset in the season opener. Also included is art, comics, music and animation as well!

    There is also a survey about what you’d like on the show, which can be found here.

    There is also a form for you, the viewer, to submit art, animation, and music to the show which can be here.

    Episode 10: Breaking Down a Brony Documentry

    Hey Everypony!

    It’s been a crazy week and a crazy recording. This episode we welcome Paleo and SaberSpark from Brony Breakdown to talk about podcasting, bronies, conventions, and of course ponies. Then we are joined by our panelists ValkarieKnightX7, Flare, Sam, and Tetrapony. Don’t drink and podcast kids.

    Time Codes:
    Interview at 7:23
    Panel at 28:07


    --------------------------------------------------------------Blind Readings Episode 5

    With a new member, MastaRoshi78. It's time to do the original Blind Reading from Canterlot Gardens!

    Brony and Friend Episode 3


    The Brony Show Episode 75 -- Midnight Shadow

    Hey, everypony! We’re gonna have fun fun fun tonight, which is nothing new at The Brony Show, but we thought you might like to hear what we have planned! We’ve got tons of awesome stuff for you to enjoy, if you wanna stick around for an awesome show. To start us off, we’ll get started around 5:00 PCT/8:00 EST, where we’ll have our pre-show madness as we set up for the night.

    After that, we’re bringing in Midnight Shadow, the fanfiction writer! His premiere work, The Ambassador’s Son, can be found on his FimFiction account: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/4413/The-Ambassador%27s-Son. We’ll interview Shadow the same way we interview our other guests, then turn him over to you guys, our viewers, for a more personal Q&A.

    Afterwards, though, we’ll be watching some awesome PMV’s and music videos and incredible animations, so be sure to stick around for that. And to wrap it all up, we’ll have CrimsontheWolf’s Oatmeal Galore Afterparty, where we will continue our crazy party long into the night with random hijinks and a Let’s Play.

    Last week’s episode can be found on our Youtube page, for those of you who missed it: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bronyshow?feature=watch


    Successful Meetups

    Oulu Meetup

    A meetup was held in Oulu, Finland on Saturday, 17 October 2012. The turnout was quite remarkable and people arrived even from the southern parts of the country, one person travelling 9 hours by train to meet fellow bronies.

    The program included raiding local markets for swag, after which we headed off to one of the participants' abode to watch the latest episode. Initial plans were even made to go sledding, but the lack of snow greatly hindered this. Still, fun was had by all!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Jousting Armor Fluttershy
    Cutie Mark Stretch Canvas

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