• More Pony Book Information on Hachette - Seaponies?

    Hachette has a listing of 5 upcoming pony books publishing everywhere from July to April of 2013.  Included in the mix are a few of the titles, as well as the authors of each.  It also looks like some are Ebooks, while others are traditional. 

    And in other news, did anyone notice that Aquestria at the bottom of the earlier article? I completely missed it.  Judging on the titles of one of the nine, it looks like we might be seeing some seaponies soon, or something similiar.

    Or more specifically:
    Under the Sparkling Sea: “Celebrated artist Mary Jane Begin introduces fans to a brand-new land in the world of My Little Pony – the underwater city of Aquastria”
    Head on down past the break for all of them! Thanks to Jorlem for the heads up!

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