• Boast Busters Anniversary Day!

    The Greatest and Most Powerful pony in all of Equestria had her big debut two years ago on this very day!  Due to her self proclaimed mascot status, this calls for a Trixie 3AM Post!

    Trixie is prepared for this.
    Trixie needs a new act for her season three episode.  What can she do to wow the ponyvillians who will most likely reject the idea of another magic show? How will the Great and Powerful Trixie use the hurricane of tomatoes to her advantage?

    Clearly a pony of her caliber can pull of just about anything you would send her way.  Feel free to give Trixie a Great and Powerful challenge that will test her abilities to their limit! Even Twilight Sparkle should be impressed this time around!

    Toss her comeback show in the comments below!