• Hub Continues to Climb the Ratings Ladder

    Nick And More! has dug up a whole plethora of information from The Hub's continuing success as they keep on expanding their audience for the 11th month in a row.  Included in the piles of numbers showing off just how massive the increase in viewership is for just about everything, you can find a bit of information on Friendship is Magic.  The demographic information in particular is interesting.  It looks like the younger generations are starting to flock to the pony:
    A new episode of “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” (Saturday, 10:30 a.m.) earned year-to-year delivery gains among Kids 2-11 (+117%, 280,000), Kids 6-11 (+460%, 140,000), Women 18-49 (+314%, 87,000), Adults 18-49 (+247%, 125,000), Persons 2+ (+192%, 494,000) and Households (+143%, 316,000).
    Along with the obvious adult demographic.  Piles of pony at Hot Topic and every website on the planet is probably to blame for that one.  There also appears to be a massive spike in women watching the show, be they parents or genuine female pony fans.  The "brony" fandom has always largely consisted of adult males, so its refreshing to see a pickup in that area. 

    Hopefully the hub slowly becomes available in more areas.  I know quite a few of you still don't have access to it.  My HD Package skips right over it, forcing me to view it in SD each week.