• Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #6

    It isn't often that we get papercraft pony art, which is quite a shame, but when they do pop up it is usually amazing! Just look at the care put into that giant paper Luna. Simply mind boggling!

    Sorry for the delays in compilations folks! Between Thanksgiving and school I sort of ran out of time. If anything, there is a lot of awesome stuff after the break!

    Source 1
    Luna, princess of the night 3

    Source 2
    Commander Hurricane Sculpt

    Source 3
    King Sombra

    Source 4
    Discord Hat

    Source 5
    Derpy Cutie Mark Xbox 360

    Source 6
    Giggle at the Ghostie

    Source 7
    Poster G11 to P13

    Source 8
    OC Pony Mini-Me's 7 pony series

    Source 9
    Fluttershy Wreath Stocking Patch close-up

    Source 10
    Aleks Ponymore sculpture

    Source 11
    Zebracorn patch comission

    Source 12
    Vinyl Scratch Polymer Custom Commission Mlp Fim

    Source 13
    Princess Luna My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    Source 14
    My Little Pony FiM Rarity Sculpture

    Source 15
    My Little Ponies FiM Rainbow Dash Sculpture

    Source 16
    Handmade Pinkie Pie Polymer

    Source 17
    Sleepy Twilight Sparkle Shadowbox

    Source 18
    Sleepy Rarity Shadowbox

    Source 19
    Sleepy Pinkie Pie Shadowbox

    Source 20
    Sleepy Fluttershy Shadowbox

    Source 21
    Sleepy Rainbow Dash Shadowbox

    Source 22
    Sleepy Applejack Shadowbox

    Source 23
    Colgate in Stained Glass

    Source 24
    2D Wire Twilight Sparkle

    Source 25
    2D Wire Fluttershy

    Source 26
    Trixie Maquette

    Source 27
    Twilight Sparkle Bracelet

    Source 28
    Rarity Tie Clip 2

    Source 29

    Source 30

    Source 31
    Magic Duel

    Source 32
    MLP:FIM Rarity

    Source 33
    MLP:FIM Rainbow Dash

    Source 34
    Princess Luna in Ebony: Harvest Moon

    Source 35
    Princess Luna custom sculpture

    Source 36
    Very Big Mac

    Source 37
    Gamer Luna

    Source 38
    Gala Luna

    Source 39
    Pinkie Pie Treasure Chest