• Miniature Collection Set #2 Review + Bonus Enterplay Tin

    As many of you may have noticed, a month or so ago the new set of miniature ponies snuck into stores.  There really wasn't a whole lot of warning on these, and to this they they still seem to be randomly distributed.  Some stores in other states have piles of them, while the stores in my personal state of Arizona have very few. The ones I did check only ever had the old sets.

    I eventually grabbed all three off of Toywiz, along with the equally hard to find Enterplay tin.

    I apologize for the delayed review! Hopefully next time around I will get to the stores before all you other Arizona bronies empty the shelves!

    Head on down past the break for my two cents on both items, as well as a bit of an unboxing on the included MLP Trading card packs.

    Lets dive right in with the Spa pony set, because out of all of these, Zecora is my technical favorite pony.  Photo Finish comes in at a close second thanks to that Picture Perfect Pony video, but she can't beat the Zebra.

    Zecora herself is surprisingly detailed, and a bit larger than your standard blindbag pony.  (Size comparison found in this image, because I completely forgot to take a picture of this when I had good lighting) Even the 16 dollar Glow in the Dark Zecora doesn't come near this one in tiny little features.  Next to Photo Finish, this is probably my favorite one of wave two.  She does look a little odd from the front, though most of these toys suffer from that.  Taking ponies from 2D to 3D can be a little tricky.

    Included with Zecora is another completely new mold.  The name they gave her on the package is surprisingly close to our fanon version, but with an extra "Blossom" tied to her Lotus.  There isn't anything missing or changed from her background pony show counterpart, hell, they even got that squiggly line in her hair.

    The final toy in the Spa Pony set is Pinkie Pie, who is included in just about everything.  If you have a blindbag version of her already, then there aren't really any changes.

    Next up, we have the Famous Friends set.  While Zecora may be my favorite show pony, this one has my favorite blindbag of wave two.

    Photo Finish is just straight up awesome.  Everything about her is near perfect, and it can't be easy to mold that dress like that in mass production.  They even nailed the different lines of color on it.

    Hoity Toity, while less detailed by default, is well molded and show accurate to a T.  There is a pretty noticeable issue of the paint on his glasses missing and leaking onto his face though.  I am not sure if I got unlucky, or if they are all like this. 

    The final toy is once again one we have seen a bunch of times already.  If you have bought any blindbag box set, you probably already have a Rarity!

    And finally, we have the fillies in the Class of Cutie Marks set.  As you can see from the above image of the packaging, these two are smaller than your average blindbag (and rightfully so). 

    Starting with Apple Bloom this time around.  She is pretty much what you would expect.  The blank flank, the bow, and the round hair are all included.  The most amazing part about this one is her frontal view, which is puppy dog eyes cute. 

    And for the last new blindbag pony I'm going to cover, we have Diamond Tiara.  I am not too sure what the reasoning was behind including her with Applebloom as opposed to Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo, but her season two Gabby Gums episode definitely made her worthy of a toy (primarily for the Spider Man references).  

    And that about covers it for the specifics!

    Overall, the quality on all of these toys is much higher than your usual recolored blindbag set.  As I've stated numerous times in the past, this is the type of toy I'm all over when it comes to official merch.  It would be a huge plus if the 3rd pony in each set was someone other than the already over-stocked Mane Cast (I think I have 4 of each at this point!), but the two that are included make up for it.

    I want more of these sets! I'd recommend picking them up, even if you pick one in particular for a specific pony or duo of ponies.  Outside of the Funko figures that are releasing in pairs throughout next year, these are the best and most show-accurate ponies on the market aside from dropping 40+ bucks on a custom.  The more Hasbro sells, the more we will see, and considering they already went with Gilda for one pack, I'm pretty sure they aren't afraid to stretch the boundaries if we make it worth their while! We totally need a Chrysalis, Discord, and Nightmare Moon pack, just sayin~.

    As promised, have a bit of a bonus to go along with the three packs! I also grabbed one of those new trading card tins, with all the ponies in their gala clothes.  Have a short unboxing/review of all of it!

    Included within, you will find six packs of cards, a Twilight Sparkle promo, and a poster with a checklist on the back.  The tin itself feels high quality with designs painted on every side but the bottom. 

    My favorite part of anything at all to do with cards is opening the packs though! The amount of Magic and Pokemon cards I bought should have alerted some kind of addiction agency, because I had a scary amount of those!

    Apparently my camera didn't like these, so some are a bit blurry.  My bad! 

    Pack 1:
    Doh! Not even a shiny card. 
    Pack 2: 

    Another lack of shiny card! At least I got some Discord out of it.
     Pack 3:

    Cheerileeee.  Bout time I got some shiny. 
    Pack 4:
    Ouch, shafted again.
    Pack 5:
    Shiny and non-shiny Scootaloo?  What are the odds of that? 
    Pack 6:
    TRIXIE.  Also super blurry, I blame my excitement at TRIXIE. This is why I open card packs right here.

    I did run into a bit of an issue on the tin though! The cards, no matter how you stand them, don't actually fit unless lying down.   Just a few centimeters taller and this thing would have been perfect. 

    The rounded corners are also a bit of a pain here. 

    I guess that works.
    Economically, I'd say it's worth picking up.  At least on Toywiz, for $12 you can get five single packs, while $15 dollars nets you this tin set which includes an extra pack, a Twilight that sells for five bucks on ebay, and a neat case.  I can't complain.  

    That about covers it!  I think the next item on my list will be Funko's Doctor Whooves and Fluttershy, assuming nothing else pops up. Stay tuned for that!